UNITED STATES—Halloween is over so what are you going to do with those jack o’ lanterns that you have? Before you think about throwing them out, consider that those ‘props’ can be used for something else. Just because Halloween is gone for another 364 days, does not mean you can’t utilize that pumpkin.

For starters, those seeds inside the pumpkin can be turned into an edible treat.  While I’ll admit cleaning a pumpkin is no fun, the fruits of your labor are worth it. Pepitas or pumpkin seeds as most of us call them, can be scooped out, roasted in the oven and eaten as a tasty little treat.  Throw in a little bit of salt and pepper and you have a healthy snack.

Now if savory is not your route for a tasty treat, than perhaps sweet is. Yep, that pumpkin can be roasted in the oven to create; you guessed it, pumpkin pie!  Is it an easy task to complete, no, but a bit of patience can pay off in the long run?  From roasting the pumpkin in the oven, to getting all of your baking ingredients in tack, look at it as an opportunity to get your money’s worth from an item that is viewed as only a decoration.

You’ll already have dessert prepared for the big Thanksgiving feast which is only a mere 4 weeks away!