UNITED STATES─It is starting to seem like the federal government in addition to state and local governments are starting to lighten up on the restrictions of staying-at home in regards to the Coronavirus pandemic. With that said, we are nowhere close getting back to normal, but it feels like some people seem to think otherwise. I’ve heard countless stories about massive crowds of people gathering at the beach, various public outings and not heeding the advice of the medical professionals.

Look no one understands the plight of this pandemic more than me. I’m an essential worker, which means I HAVE to go to work in the public sphere each and every day. I do not have the option of picking and choosing when I want to work and when I don’t. If I’m deathly ill or sick that is another thing, but if I’m not showcasing any symptoms of COVID-19, I’m expected at work or I won’t have a job people.

There is a reason people are being asked to stay-at-home and to shelter in place: it’s not safe to fully reopen the government and just return to normalcy which is what it appears so many people want to do. Do you not think many of us working in the medical arena, at grocery stores and all those other businesses deemed official don’t want the same? We do, but the more people ignore the importance of social distancing, not covering their face, not practicing safe hygiene, the higher the number of cases of COVID-19 we can see.

I’m antsy just like everyone else to go eat at a restaurant, but I dare not until several months. Why? I do NOT want to be in an enclosed space with a ton of people right now. I will NOT be heading to any sporting events or concerts at least for another 6 months to a year. I would feel a lot safer if a vaccine was developed to treat the deadly virus. I personally know people who have contracted the virus and it’s no joke America. The symptoms are quite alarming, they are exhausting and I know people who have died as a result of catching the Coronavirus people. You can take this lightly if you want, but you’ll end up regretting it in the long run if you do.

It is not hard to social distance, it is simple: keep ample space between you and others. I’m all for many retailers limiting the number of people in their stores. The safety of their employees as well as the American public is at risk people. I was at a grocery because I needed food and a potential customer got upset because he was refused service because he did not have on a mask. Look, I know everyone cannot obtain the medical masks that have become common nature, but I know you have a scarf or something you can use to cover your face?

Look, it might not be alluring to wear a mask or a covering on your face, but it’s either that or your life people. This is not rocket science people, it is common sense. We are starting to see retailers slowly open their doors back up to the public. In addition, we are starting to see some restaurants reopen, hair salons, barbershops and other small amenities that many of us have come accustomed to allow the public to venture back into their establishments. If only 10 people can be allowed into a restaurant at the current time to ensure everyone is safe, I’d rather have it that way than to not have these establishments open at all.

The problem with the lightening of the quarantine is that some people seem to think it’s a joke, and don’t care what transpires. They have the if I get sick I just get sick mentality, go ahead and have that mentality, but don’t expect everyone else to think the same way. If we all do our part now, we can be put into a position where we will get back to normalcy sooner than later.

Look it’s been about 2 months since we’ve been in a lockdown in my region, and I rather be in a lockdown for 2 months than a year. Can you imagine not being able to work, not being able to get a haircut, going to the grocery store or having no income for that period of time? It is indeed a serious possibility if we do not take action right now America.

Written By Jason Jones