UNITED STATES—A slot is a game of chance. You have no control over it and you rely heavily on the randomness of things. But why are slot machines so popular? Despite its randomness, there are many people who have won tremendous amounts of jackpots on the https://live-casino-online.org/. And then there are those unlucky people who simply refuse to believe that a machine has no bias against skill, time of day, or any factor that one would consider to improve his winnings. It is this pervasive superstition that keeps slots a popular game. And in this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular myths surrounding slots machines.

They Are Programmed for Cyclical Wins

There are individuals who insist that a fruit machine is programmed to show a winning combination on every 1,000th or probably 10,000th spin. Whatever the number is, they believe that a machine’s software is programmed to award a win on the basis of a cycle. This is a myth because slot machines use a program called Random Number Generator or RNG.

This software program ensures that the result of every spin does not have any memory of the previous ones. Nor does it have any logic of what it should show as a result on the next ones. The Random Number Generator, as the term implies, ensures that the result of every spin is independent of each other. It is required by law. Every symbol that shows on your spin is there because of chance.

They Pay According to Percentages of Wins

People think that slots are programmed to pay out according to a specific percentage. For example, it only pays 10% of the total bets it has accumulated or earned and that it will not yield another win if this percentage is already met. This is where people base the myth that if a machine has already paid a jackpot, it will no longer pay out a jackpot for a long time.

This, of course, is a myth. These are not programmed to know that they have already paid out anything at all. It is simply programmed to pay if a combination is hit. As mentioned, earlier, the RNG software prevents any machine to have any logical system to associate any wins and losses to succeeding spins.

Some Days Payout More

Another myth that surrounds casinos is that the slot machines payout in days when the casino management decides to loosen the machines. This is not true. Once a slot has been set up, the casino management has no way to tighten or loosen a slot. Your chances of winning when the casino is packed with people are the same with your chances of winning when the casinos are empty.

Again, the RNG is at play here. A slot machine cannot be programmed to be loose in wins on certain days, nor can it be programmed to be tight in certain days, much less have a consciousness of its own to either increase or decrease payouts.

Casino Employees Know the Hot Slots

There is a pervasive belief that those employed in a casino know which slots pay the most and that they can point you to these machines. The truth is that these employees can only point you to the machines that paid out the highest jackpot because they saw it. But this does not mean that this slot will pay out a big amount again.

The employees can only point you to the machine that they know paid out a huge sum, but they really have no clue as to which slots are hot and cold because there is no such thing.


Just to reiterate, casinos are heavily regulated whether they are online or land-based. Laws are in place to protect the consumer, or the gambler, from abusive malpractices that casino operators can use to put them at a serious advantage. All casino machines that went through rigorous testing cannot be rigged. But then and again, conspiracy theorists will never believe this.

But what is the point of playing a slot if you believe that the results can be manipulated? Besides, a casino can lose its license to operate if found cheating. The dimes that they collect from the machines if they cheat are just not worth the trouble.