The truth is the one thing that will set the record straight. It is sought after, yet many will go to great lengths to hide it.  The effort to undermine President Donald J. Trump began on the famous escalator ride.

Prominent Democrats began speaking of the impeachment of President Trump from that moment. Efforts to prove President Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election continued until the Mueller reports showed no collusion.

Just when the nation was so sick of hearing the word collusion, there were made-up accusations, the fake whistleblower overhearing a conversation between U.S. and Ukraine Presidents. The efforts to impeach the President began. He was found not guilty again.

Plenty was found on members of the Democratic party, but no one did anything about that.

Oh Wait, Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested as a leader in a sex trafficking right. He may have connections to very prominent people. So, Trump was not one of the perpetrators, but evidence and flight logs of Bill Clinton were found.  The investigation is over.

Hello, there are victims that need to be tended to. Where are the victims? Isn’t anyone going to help them?

Much to the Democrat’s dismay, President Trump is gaining in popularity. He’s kept his campaign promises. His rallies are packed. He’s doing a good job.

He might win a second term. Oh heck, there’s a virus. It came from a lab in Wuhan, China. It’s one of the labs that is funded by Bill Gates. Dr. Fauci is on the board. Bill Gates also funds the coronavirus vaccine.  Anyone who finds a connection here will be called a conspiracy theorist.

Trump’s economy is soaring. He’s going to win in 2020. Time to shut things down. It’s the only way we can wreck the economy.

Never mind the poverty, suicide rates, and violence that a shutdown would cause. Racism was pointed out in every effort, and there was rioting in the streets.

It must be President Trump’s fault. He didn’t act fast enough.

The love of Trump prevailed. Rallies became larger and more creative. Boat parades, Flotillas, caravans, motorcycle rides all in support of President Trump. The Nation’s recovery efforts flourished. Once again, the President and the Trump economy are back on top.

The President is winning again. He has to be stopped. Voter fraud and election fraud are rampant. There is no shortage of witnesses willing to sign affidavits, but no one is listening.

SCOTUS won’t run interference. They will not touch an election with “a 39 ½ foot pole, if I may steal that quote from, “The Grinch.”

The truth is coming out. If the United States follows the U.S. Constitution the way it was written by our forefathers there should be no question of who won the Presidency.

There are rules we have never heard of, but our forefathers put a lot of thought into the constitution for a reason. Look into the truth. It’s fascinating.