HOLLYWOOD─At last the audience is getting all the dirty details about some of the mayhem that unfolded during that 1 year time jump on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Things all kicked off with Ciara learning from Victor and Xander what really happened to Adrienne. Making the situation worst was the fact that when the truth comes out a ton of lives will be impacted by this secret and in a major way people.

For starters, Ciara delivered the news to Will that he was not responsible for Adrienne’s death on Mother’s Day. Look, give the damn Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series to “Days of Our Lives” because the episodes they presented in the past 2 weeks were fire; simply incredible and amazing TV to witness. It was all about getting to the truth about what really happened to Adrienne, and how one decision sent a ripple across so many lives I cannot fathom how to put things into words.

So we now know who many of us speculated was responsible for Adrienne’s death in Victor and Xander’s cover up: it was Maggie! Not surprised, but I’m more baffled out how many lives were destroyed as a result of these two trying to protect Maggie. First off, Maggie was in a good place until her daughter Summer, showed up at her door step revealing that she was dying from cirrhosis. That was only the start of the chaos because she asked her mother to share a drink with her. Summer your mother is an alcoholic, do you think it would be smart to encourage her to drink?!

That led to a chain of events in a single night that impacts the lives of Justin, Adrienne, Sonny, Will, Victor, Xander, Sarah, Maggie, Brady, Eric, Nicole, Kristen, Jennifer, Jack, Abigail, JJ and Haley. Yes, when the truth about Maggie’s stunt behind the wheels comes to light Victor and Xander will have wholly hell to pay.

Adrienne decided to take Sarah to the hospital, but on the midst of that drive, a drunken Maggie swerved into the road, causing Adrienne to lose control and crash into a ditch. She was injured and taken to the hospital where she later died, Sarah was forced to give birth to her baby on the road with Xander by her side, but there were some issues with the baby people.

Will was texting and driving assuming he caused the crash, but it was actually Maggie who Xander alerted Victor, who cleaned up the mess. Will was an emotional wreck and upon learning about Adrienne’s death alerted Sonny, which was overheard by Xander. It’s complicated narrative, but stay with me America. Xander used that information to his advantage because he realized that Sarah’s daughter died. So what did he do? He swapped her baby with Kristen and Brady’s daughter who was very much alive.

Yes, you heard me correctly, Kristen and Brady’s daughter is alive and being raised by Sarah and Eric. Here we go again with another baby swap storyline. First it was “General Hospital,” then “The Bold and the Beautiful” and now we have “Days of Our Lives.” Should fans expect a baby swap storyline for “The Young and the Restless” in the near future?

With that said, the baby swap set into motion a ton of chaos, because Kristen snapped when Haley told her that her baby ‘died’ and pushed her down a flight of stairs, which Abigail witnessed. So this little lie led to Haley’s death? To make matters worse, JJ was about to propose marriage to her. JJ vowed vengeance, just as Sonny and Justin wailed on Will for texting and driving behind the wheel.

So Eric and Sarah will be completely bamboozled by the truth when it comes out meaning Sarah will NEVER forgive Xander, Eric will be livid, Nicole will be stuck rather to choose between Brady or Eric and Kristen will want to exact vengeance not only on Xander, but Victor for his role in the scheme. Yeah, Maggie will have to live with the guilt that her stint behind the wheel drunk NOT only killed Adrienne, but her granddaughter as well. Whew, I don’t see this secret coming out in February sweeps, but if it did, can you imagine the drama unfolding? It would be gargantuan.

Top that with news that Rafe and Shawn have realized that Hope is actually Princess Gina and the truth about Kate knowing all along is coming to light. Which poses another big question? What about Steve actually being Stefano being unearthed? I suspect that will transpire in due time.