HOLLYWOOD—The Top 12 contestants performed on Monday night’s episode of  “The Voice.”

So, it’s that time in the live playoffs where eliminations are completely in the hands of America’s votes. Coaches Blake, Adam, Gwen and Pharrell can no longer save any of their contestants. Eleven of the contestants will move forward after eliminations on Tuesday night.

Who gave the best performances of the night?! Well, let’s recap some of my favorite performances!

Team Adam’s Amy Vachal performs “Hotline Bling”

I’ve been waiting for a moment where a contestant on “The Voice” would cover Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” Finally, the moment came true, all thanks to precious Amy.

It was definitely a clever move by Adam to have Amy cover this song. Amy did what she does best, infuse her jazz inspired twist. Although there seemed to be a bit of an emotional disconnect during her performance, she created a sweet melodic feel to the song that really could not go unnoticed.

Blake said, “I don’t think there’s ever been a more elegant and classy performance about a booty call in the history of music.”

Pharrell said, “Amy you always make songs yours. You have an amazing uncanny ability that not many people have.” Pharrell particularly commended Amy for taking creative license and bringing so much of herself into the song.

Gwen said she thinks the rendition was an amazing idea and “so cool.” She specifically notes, “”I love watching you sing. You have a tender style. It’s gorgeous.”

Adam said, “You made a brave choice in listening to me. You took a risk and did something bold and I want that version of that song in my life.” He praises her for creating a new spin of the song and says he is proud of her artistry.

Team Gwen’s Jeffery Austin performs “Let It Go”

Jeffery really does no wrong. He has this incredible ability to deliver the story embedded within a song with vocal acrobatic moments. His beautiful vibrato shined brighter than ever as he gave an emotionally dynamic and heart-warming performance.

Adam said, “I think that to have a voice as unique and as powerful as yours and to have stage presence and so much growth, you are our greatest dream. You are one of the best in the competition.”

Blake said, “Your voice is so strong and your pitch is so perfect. It’s unbelievable and I’m envious of you. You definitely can win this thing.”

Gwen said, “OMG that was crazy! Obviously you’re gonna get voted through. In rehearsals, you were good, but tonight you took the song to a whole other place. How do you do that?! I am so excited and proud of you.”

Team Adam’s Jordan Smith performs “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”

Jordan’s performance really solidified his extraordinary presence. He gave a completely stripped down performance, starting off acapella, and then transitioning into playing the piano, while singing with so much heart. His innate ability to sing every word with so much conviction is beautifully emphasized by the sheer power of his voice. His voice has this overwhelming power to not only grab attention, but to pull at your heartstrings. He is easily one of the best contestants to ever grace “The Voice” stage.

Jordan received a standing ovation by all the coaches.

Blake said, “Coming off the weekend and horrible things that happened over in Paris, and having a heavy heart the last few days, thank you for that. That was beautiful.”

Pharrell said, “Dude, you had me standing up in the middle of the song. I think everybody needs to go to iTunes right now and buy this song from this guy.”

Adam agreed with Blake saying that there is so much confusion and sadness in this world, especially in this moment in time, but says people like Jordan come along and make us feel like there is a lot of hope. “You just make us feel a sense of rejuvenation and joy and I thank you as well.”

So, that does it for The Top 12 live playoffs recap! After Monday night’s performances, Jordan is still the clear front-runner.

Tuesday at 8 p.m. will be elimination night, where one contestant will be leaving the competition based on America’s votes.