HOLLYWOOD—Are you ready for the bloodbath to begin? Well, it’s headed in that direction on “The Walking Dead.” The latest episode of TV’s guilty pleasure, ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’ galvanized the residents of Alexandria to prepare for the battle against Negan and his crew.

Little does Rick understand that he and his pals are outnumbered and Negan is a foe not to be messed with. Only, and only if Rick would have listened to Morgan’s words, he would have saved himself a load of trouble in the near future.

Carol is back, and she is grappling with some dark demons to say the least. She was on a baking frenzy, and I almost felt it was her way of connecting with Sam. The kid might have been a pest, but I still get chills thinking about that horrific moment when the walkers attacked him. Looks like Carol could be getting a love interest dare I say or is she just looking to connect with someone? Love is indeed in the air in Alexandria.

Rick placed the residents in a pickle, as some had to choose rather to stay behind or to travel along. Abraham and Rosita had a fall out, as he decided to end things regarding the status of their relationship. She was none too pleased to say the least. Why, oh why, am I getting the feeling that Abraham will soon leave fans and not in a pretty way. Per usual, Eugene interrupted a sentimental moment with his dry humor.

And the trip to Negan’s camp has begun with Father Gabriel, Carol, Rosita, Rick, Tara, Sasha, Maggie, Glenn, Daryl, Michonne, Heath, Aaron, Jesus and one of his cohorts in tow as they planned an ambush on a compound that looked prepared for almost anything.

Carol and Rosita had a bit of a tiff about her little secret involving Morgan and ‘The Wolf.’ Looks like nerves are getting the best of Carol because she sure is smoking a lot. Carol decided to stay behind to watch Maggie whom, she knows is preggers. Yeah, Maggie, not the wisest decision in my opinion. Hmm, Rick didn’t seem pleased to be compared to ‘The Saviors.’

Wow, that’s all I can say about the bloody heads that the crew displayed to ‘The Saviors’ as an even exchange and there attempt to even the battlefield. The Alexandrians ambushed the compound and rescued one of Jesus’ pals. Killing people when they least expect it will not bode well with this new villain who is known to utilize vicious tactics to get what he wants.

Glenn and Heath were conflicted about taking the lives of people while they slept. Watching Glenn murder his first non-walker party was a difficult scene to watch. This guy has been doing all in his power not to take a human life, even when the person betrays him, i.e. Nikolas. While moving through the compound, Abraham was attacked, but luckily Sasha was nearby. Unfortunately, that resulted in an alarm being set off. Carol and Maggie bickered yet again, about her condition, as she wanted to ensure the safety of her child, even if Maggie wasn’t determined to ensure that transpired.

Hmm, I can’t help, but wonder what will transpire with the gang now that ‘The Saviors’ have been attacked without provocation. Well, maybe that is a slight understatement; I mean Rick and most of the Alexandrians haven’t met members of the villainous clan, but Abraham, Sasha and Daryl indeed have. So technically they aren’t strangers in that respect.

Gunfire erupted and Glenn and Heath found themselves trapped in perhaps the best room ever: the place with all the ammo and weaponry. Talk about a bloodbath, what viewers saw in Alexandria is nothing like this. What? Father Gabriel finally took a life after all that preaching after battling his demons for the past two seasons. Yep, Rick has trained him well. Daryl went nuts after spotting his bike and put a beating on a man, but not before a woman’s voice on the speaker alerted them to lower their weapons.

Damn it, the gang is at the mercy of the others, because Carol and Maggie have become prisoners, not to mention our first look at Alicia Witt’s character who is part of Negan’s clan. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!