HOLLYWOOD—It seems like months since the mid-season finale of “Quantico” which saw Elias confess to working aside the terrorists who set off the first bomb, and for those not in the know the second explosion that erupted at the FBI’s command center. Yep, Alex, Simon and Natalie are still doing their best to wrap their minds with those final words from Elias before he jumped to his death: another terrorist is out there. To make matters worse, lives were lost including Clayton Haas, FBI Deputy Director and Caleb’s father.

Competition is much fiercer, as the original recruits, found themselves doing battle with underclassman, where not only does the winner hold the crown; they get to send home any FIVE of the opposing team. I love how “Quantico” plays with the time element, but at times it can slightly throw a viewer off. However, I will acknowledge this looks like a vital clue in connecting just who the co-conspirators working alongside Elias could be.

The bad blood has boiled between Alex and Shelby, because not only was Shelby’s illicit affair exposed to the world, she has now made an enemy in Caleb’s mother, Senator Claire Haas, portrayed with intensity by “Desperate Housewives” alum Marcia Cross. Looks like Agent Parrish is losing more friends than I can count in this episode. The FBI seems confident in noting that only one terrorist acted on the bombings, now fans of the show know that admission is not true at all. Nimah did her best to build a relationship with Miranda’s troubled son Charlie, but had little leeway, which prompted her sister Raina to take a stab at it.

Everyone is questioning Alex’s sanity, but this is the same woman who YELLED at all her cohorts that danger was looming yet no one believed her. Hmm, it might be wise to trust her instinct, she has been spot on most of the time, and there is no exception here. Alex did her best to convince Ryan that there is more to Elias’ tale than what the world wants to believe in, but he was adamant in not hearing any of her claims. Must say Quantico is slightly different especially since both Simon and Ryan have left the recruiting class.

In the battle between upper class versus lower class, Alex found herself in another haunting situation yet again, but her team was there to back her up, but the competition utilized dirty tactics to gain the advantage. Looks like “The Dark Knight” all over again, as the villains sabotaged the good guys as a way of gaining the upper hand.

Back in the courtroom, Alex testified in front of Congress delivering her thoughts on the chaos that has erupted in New York City. Raina was able to breakthrough to Charlie as the two bonded over stereotypes. The bottle has become Alex’s best friend as she did her best to avoid unrelenting texts and phone calls from the naysayers. Amidst her booze fest, Alex received a call from the culprit(s) who found pleasure in torturing her even more. Yep, she was indeed right, but good luck on trying to decipher that voice.

Raina kept her secret about building a bridge with Charlie from Nimah, amidst the constant changes at the camp. The final moments of the episode saw Alex taking another call from the terrorist who led her to a desolate place, as she watched video of her pal jumping from the bridge to his death.

She came face-to-face with Natalie who had a bomb strapped to her chest courtesy of the enemy and Alex had to play the game that the terrorist(s) have implemented. Looks like the one person who believes Alex’s tale will now be forced to work with her to do the enemy’s bidding and uncover the truth before it’s too late. I remember why “Quantico” hooked me during premiere week, its mystery! “Quantico” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.