HOLLYWOOD—In the soap world having a double is something that happens more often than ever. The CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” recently unveiled its double take storyline involving Jack Abbott in the past few weeks. At first I thought the storyline was completely silly; who in the world is going to actually buy a guy masquerading as Jack Abbott? It appears the residents of Genoa City. The fact that Jack’s loved ones had no idea that his behavior was beyond off was slightly troubling.

What a scene, as Tobias, the lab tech crashed the Jabot and Newman merger with dramatic effect. Tobias hasn’t been seen for awhile so imagine the horror on the faces of fake Jack, Victor, Ashley and the rest of the guests when he arrived. Billy continued to question the bond between new buddies Victor and Fake Jack. The entire shindig was to honor the life of Cassie Newman who died way too young. It was quite emotional for Mariah, Noah, Nick, Sharon and plenty of others who were quite fond of the young one.

Good news for fans: the real Jack has escaped the clutches of the crazed Kelly and is planning what is certain to be a dramatic arrival back home. Can you imagine the look on the faces of Victor, Fake Jack and Phyllis when they discover the ruse that has been pulled over them?  Perhaps the big question everyone wants to know is just who is this guy that Victor hired for his master plan?

With May sweeps in full-force, I would have expected the murder mystery storyline to kick things into full fear, but it seems the hot story has taken a bit of a backseat in my opinion. Whenever a soap opera endeavors on such a journey, it’s not fair to keep the audience idle on what might transpire next.  We’ve had two murders: Austin and Courtney, and while the authorities and key characters are getting close to finding a potential motive, not much else has transpired.

The clues are now pointing to Tobias, but I feel that is too easy of a revelation in my opinion. Of course, that theory was thrown out the window when the lab tech crashed his vehicle and sustained injuries that later claimed his life. Fake Jack looks to be covering or protecting someone, he knows more about what is going on than he has revealed. When a murderer is truly revealed it needs to be something that knocks the socks off the viewers.

As many speculated, the relationship between Sage and Nick has heated up considering that she is carrying his baby, at least that is what she thinks. It’s quite possible that Gabriel aka Adam Newman could be the totting father. Wouldn’t that be a surprise to say the least? In other relationship news, Dylan and Sharon are going steady.

The writing on the wall was evident when the two first became close while he cleared her name in the murders. It’s important to note, whoever the murderer is, it’s someone who aimed to frame Sharon. That might be a crucial clue to nabbing our culprit. I must say Sharon sure does seem to have a thing for the Newman clan. First she was with Nick, then it was Adam, then it was Victor, now it’s Dylan. This woman sure likes to keep things in the family to say the least. I wonder if things falter with Dylan, which Newman she will turn to next.

Speaking of Adam, his ruse as Gabriel Bingham could soon be revealed to the world. His relationship with Chelsea is indeed heating up, but it’s apparent that she knows something is off by her new lover, but she is quite sure what it is. What will she do when she learns the truth? Will it be enough for her to divulge to Billy and everyone else who she has been really sleeping with? If she knows the backlash, she’ll receive she’ll do the right thing.

Some lose ends are starting to be tied up in Genoa City. “The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS.