HOLLYWOOD—Well after nearly a year in the making, the saga behind Gabriel Bingham aka Adam Newman is indeed reaching a fever pitch on “The Young and the Restless.” After nearly dodging the authorities for more than 2 years, after fatally striking and killing Chloe and Billy’s daughter Delia with his vehicle, Adam was forced to face the music in the courtroom. Many viewers speculated that Adam would find a way to eek out the sticky situation, but not this time around.

Victor’s nefarious son was found guilty of murder and sentenced to more than 10 years behind bars. Yep, that so called happy ending that Chelsea and even Victor was hoping for their loved one wasn’t about to happen. The fact that Billy left the courtroom after the verdict was read was shocking enough, but I couldn’t understand Victoria harping on Billy when he wanted to grieve for his daughter. Gosh, I’d love to see this character endure some life changing event so that her morality Bible can be placed to the side for a moment.

To see the gut-wrenching testimony delivered by Esther and Kevin was terrific. Especially for Esther (Kate Linder) who doesn’t get the opportunity to shine as much on the soap as she should. Kevin literally ripped the hearts out of the patrons of the courtroom while chronicling his relationship with Delia who he considered his daughter.

I hate to admit it, but even Adam (Justin Hartley) delivered a top-notch performance asking for remorse. It was indeed an emotional week on “The Young and the Restless” and things got even more chaotic when Adam was about to be carted off to jail. He was viciously struck by a hit-and-run driver. Starting guessing as to who could be responsible for the attack because the only person I can suspect right now is Chloe, and she was sure indeed the guilty party.

The fingers were pointed at Billy Abbott, but we all know he was in the park with Victoria so he had no means or ability to strike Adam with a car. This week kicked off November sweeps with an epic Halloween bash on top of a new restaurant at Newman Enterprises that ignited a firestorm of epic proportions. Prepare yourselves “Y&R” fans because death is about to hit Genoa City in a major way.

Other rumblings on the front include the Neil, Hilary, Devon storyline that is becoming quite silly to say the least. It’s so obvious that Neil is the guilty party and how none of his family or even the authorities can put two-and-two together to realize this guy has a wicked dark side is unbelievable. When it became evident that Cane had a stash of Devon’s money from Hilary’s ransom in his closet at home it raised a ton of eyebrows.

Cane went on the defensive as Devon, Dylan and Paul suspects his guilt. He even found the walls closing in on him as more and more evidence pointed towards him being a possible suspect in Hilary’s disappearance. Not sure how authorities could suspect that considering this is the same guy who lied to his wife and family about Devon and Hilary’s affair.

It certainly looks like someone has it out to get Cane, but if it’s not his dear ole dad Colin, than who could it be? I mean we’re all well aware that his evil twin brother was fatally shot several years back right? In the soap world is any character truly dead? I have a feeling this mystery won’t be unveiled to fans until February sweeps comes around in a few months. With sweeps right around the corner “The Young and the Restless” is indeed gearing up several juicy storylines to deliver all the goods to fans.