UNITED STATES—In life I have said this a trillion times, money is the root of all evil. Why? People are willing at times to do all sorts of things to get their hands on it, but it makes you wonder, to what degree they are willing to go to in an effort to get their hands on more of it. Why? There seems to be that aura of people thinking, hey, let’s do whatever I can to get more cash. Why are you willing to almost sell your soul to the Devil to get your hands on more money?

That is a question you have to consider when people seem so driven by money and thinking they can cut corners to make it happen. I don’t believe easy money, why, the easier the money comes the quicker that it goes. I might just have better morals and ethics than others, I work hard for my money and because of that I respect it more. I rather go home at the end of the day or at the end of the week and be able to sleep at night without worrying about things versus tossing and turning about what I might have done to try to get my hands on some money.

Money is something everybody needs to live in this country. That is something that makes a ton of difference. Our minds are trained to believe capitalism is important; it matters and it dictates for a vast majority of Americans. We live in a world where our lives tend to revolve around goods and services, primarily goods more than services in most aspects. We see the lives of the rich and the famous and it is flaunted over social media for everyone to see all the time. The celebrities flaunt their wealth; some do it a lot more than others and to those who DO NOT HAVE that makes them want to take that journey to make it happen.

Here is the problem so many Americans fail to realize that the world of ‘celebrity’ is a fantasy. It doesn’t really exist and to buy into that belief is a problem. Having all the top designer brands and clothing is great, but at the end of the day it is simply stuff. Stuff that comes and goes people and it will NOT last forever either. In addition, tally how much money you have spent for such items as well. Isn’t that stupid? You spent thousands of dollars for an item that you might wear or use every blue moon, but beyond that it’s just there. I feel money spent on experiences are more important, but you don’t have to be so extravagant about it.

That flaunt mentality that seems to be the craze as a direct result of social media pushes people down these rabbit holes where they will lie, cheat, steal, and do so much more as a result that money will bring them happiness that is short-lived. You have it one day it is completely gone the next day. That is the thing I learned with tremendous guts; life can change at the flip of a coin and you sometimes never know when that coin is going to flip in the wrong direction America.

People who had solid jobs lost everything and had to find a way to fight and survive against surmountable odds, than on the flipside you have people who knew there were loopholes in the system and as a result they decide, let me attempt to cheat the system. You cannot cheat the system people and having that mentality is NOT only dangerous it is stupid. Just because someone else did something stupid doesn’t mean you should do it. In addition, just because you have some success doesn’t mean it will be long-term. You have to live with that guilt, that anxiety that you did something wrong and it can lead to sleepless nights.

I rather crawl and push myself to the depths of the Earth to earn a decent, reasonable and honorable wage than hope for quick money that will be gone sooner than I can snap my fingers. We have to train our brains to stop focusing on money as being the thing we all need and we must have if we want to live a fulfilling life.

Its money people, when you die you cannot take it with you, you can pass it off to family, but at the same time a lot of people don’t do the right thing with that money that has been bestowed to them. Do right and good things will come your way sometimes that means liquid cash. If that blessing comes, then let it be a blessing, don’t do wicked things hoping for it to turn into a blessing, because it is simply evil in disguise.