BEVERLY HILLS—Tommy Garrett asked me to be the guest columnist this week. So I decided to dedicate this week’s column to Tommy and his “Queen of the Lot” leading lady Tanna Frederick, whose film will be released in one month. Tommy has a cameo in the upcoming Henry Jaglom film. Some famous names in Tinseltown had high praise for both Tommy and Tanna when contacted on the fabulous duo and their upcoming on-screen scene together.

“The Sopranos” star David Proval said of Frederick, “Tanna has an acting instrument that can hit any note at any given moment. She’s a joy, a gift for any director, writer or actor to work with. She is the real thing.” Harriet Schock tells Canyon News, “I’m so looking forward to the release of ”˜Queen of the Lot,’ starring Tanna. She’s so great in it.”

Brian Gillogly who is the writer, director and producer of “Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story” said, “She has a unique screen presence that is both starkly real and utterly vulnerable.” While the real Gidget, Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, also has high praise for the stunning actress. “Tanna is my mermaid sister. I can’t wait to see her in ”˜Queen of the Lot.’ Her energy is limitless. Mazel tov to Tanna Frederick,” said Zuckerman. Aussie born surfer P.T. Townend, who works with her charity PSOS, said of Tanna, “She is the Queen of the Lot! No matter what she’s doing, whether pursuing her passion as an actress or trying to catch a wave with me, this girl is all about living life to the fullest.”

Frederick’s “Irene in Time” costar Kelly DeSarla said, “Tanna is such an exuberant, vivacious talent. Her talent is huge, raw and unpredictable. I am so excited for her.”

High praise also came from the film’s writer and director. “She keeps amazing me, each film, each play! Her chemistry with Noah Wyle just knocked me out,” said Henry Jaglom, adding, “Tommy adds so much charm, sympathy and warm energy to their scene.”

Additional praise comes for Tommy’s motion picture debut as well. Film, stage and TV Actress Constance Towers, a longtime friend and client of Garrett’s, tells Canyon News, “The thought of seeing my dear friend Tommy on the big screen is more than exciting. He is bigger than life in the real world so he can only be incredible when his magnificence is magnified. What a smart move by the great Henry Jaglom.”

“He’s a fantastic publicist, book author, TV host and newspaper columnist but you can’t get the full effect of effervescent renaissance man Tommy Garrett unless you see him on screen. I have enjoyed him immensely on reality TV and the soaps, now I can’t wait to see him make his movie debut in ”˜Queen of the Lot.’ What’s next for this unpredictable gent? At this point, nothing would surprise me! I love watching Tommy take over the universe,” said Michael Logan, TV Guide.

Ashley Jones, who portrays Bridget on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and Daphne on “True Blood” said, “I love that I will finally be watching Tommy. It’s well-deserved.” Beverly Washburn, whose prolific acting career includes films like “Old Yeller” and Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Greatest Show On Earth” said of our columnist, “I’m so excited for Tommy! He was great on the soap [“As The World Turns”] and now he’s on the big screen. I can’t wait. No one deserves recognition more than he does, for all the wonderful things Tommy does for others. Thinking about it makes me smile.”

“Boston Legal” actress Rachelle Carson-Begley, whom Tommy guest starred with in 2007 on HGTV’s “Living With Ed” said, “Tommy is such a natural, I knew it would just be a matter of time before he got his big screen debut. The world should get to enjoy this truly unique talent that is Tommy.” “I am dying to see anything Tommy is in. Tommy is the ultimate reporter, and when I watched our scene together on ”˜As The World Turns,’ I realized again how very professional and very amazing he is. So, of course I am dying to see ”˜Queen of the Lot.’ I would watch anything Tommy Garrett stars in,” said Lesli Kay, who also stars as Felicia on “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

Daytime TV’s number-one rated show for the past 22 years is “The Young and the Restless.” Some of Tommy’s friends from that series felt the same as all the others. “Wow, what a treat this will be. Tommy never ceases to amaze me. He has a lot of people in his cheering section,” said Doug Davidson, who portrays Paul. Tracey Bregman-Recht, who portrays Lauren said, “I am so thrilled for Tommy. After all the support, he has given so many of us, it is now my turn to be his number one fan! I know he will rock his performance. I can’t wait to see the movie!”

Thom Bierdz, who portrays Phillip on “The Young and the Restless” tells Canyon News, “I’ve been in this town decades, and few I have known have succeeded like Tommy. He is constantly pursuing and attaining his dreams. Finally a medium big enough to match Tommy Garrett’s personality.” Three-time Emmy-winning casting director Mark Teschner who works on feature films, primetime television and ABC’s “General Hospital” summed it up best. “If Tommy can’t play a reporter, no one can.”

Former “As The World Turns” star Eileen Fulton said, “I guest-starred on Tommy’s TV show ”˜Hollywood Classics’ a few years ago. He surrounds himself with great people and energy, he’s not only my friend, but one of the most talented and handsome men in Hollywood today.”

The exclusive trailer will debut on this weekend at Hulu – Movie Trailers: Queen of the Lot. You can also find show times The film debuts in Hollywood on November 18, then nationwide throughout November, December and January. Their NYC celebrity premiere will be on December 1 and it opens in NYC to audiences on Friday, December 3.

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Roger Hitts, two-time United Press International columnist of the year, is a veteran celebrity journalist whose bylines appear in numerous magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and around the world.

Photographs are Courtesy: Tanna Frederick by Paul Smith Photography and Constance Towers, Tommy and Carrington Garland Goodman by Theresa Priem
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