UNITED STATES—Home to 68,854 residents, Canyon Country, California, is a dense and vibrant place with a family-friendly and suburban feel. Are you looking to invest in properties in the Santa Clarita area?

This guide will cover the top neighborhoods, from dated areas to brand new communities, so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing property in the Canyon Country area.

Why Canyon Country California?

Canyon Country is situated in the eastern region of Santa Clarita. Santa Clarita is central to all of the main attractions LA offers and is also home to Six Flags and Magic Mountain, making it an attractive area.

Well landscaped and well situated, Canyon Country CA makes a great place to choose when making your property investment decisions. From new neighborhoods to those dating back to the 1960s, there are various choices when it comes to properties and neighborhoods in this area. Approximately 30% of the Santa Clarita population rent their homes, and many residents in Canyon Country are renters as well. Therefore, there is great potential to profit as a property investor in this area.

The housing market in Canyon Country is currently stable, offering investors additional assurance. The wonderful landscape and child-friendly attributes of Santa Clarita make it an excellent place to raise children, so your Santa Clarita properties will be very attractive to families.

Top Neighborhoods In Canyon Country California

Here’s your ultimate guide to the top neighborhoods in Canyon Country, California, worth investing in. Take a look at your options!


With development beginning in early 2017, Aliento is a relatively new community in the Canyon Country area. It is a gated community home to 5 neighborhoods with varying home styles. Aliento is near the dogwood community park, making this location extremely attractive to pet owners. In addition to this, the neighborhood is just a short drive away from Canyon Country park and Golden Oak Community primary school. 

Transport is made easy in Aliento, with plenty of bus stops. The community is also situated less than 2 miles away from the highway.

In addition to its convenient location, Aliento offers a varied size of homes, ranging from 1 bedroom houses to 6 bedroom houses. The houses are also designed with small nooks and cubbies designed specifically to accommodate pets!

Forest Park

Forest Park is a quiet suburban area in Canyon Country California. This area is located close by to The College Of The Canyons, the Canyon Country community college, meaning that there will be a more robust demand for rentals in the area to accommodate the needs of students. In this sense, Forest Park makes an excellent choice for your property investments.

In addition to being close to the community college, the neighborhood is located very close to a fire station, which has increased benefits. Santa Clarita tends to be vulnerable during wildfire season with its dry terrain. Mint Canyon elementary school is also nearby, making this an attractive neighborhood for families and university students. 

Mint Canyon

Located just north of Canyon Country Park, Mint Canyon provides a busy suburban landscape with plenty of local amenities. With the highly-rated Mitchell Elementary School close by, Mint Canyon makes an excellent place of residence for families. Mint Canyon is also nearby to a large Costco wholesaler for affordable shopping options.

There are plenty of restaurants in Mint Canyon, from Italian restaurants to Mexican restaurants and burger joints. Having these amenities on the doorstep is likely to make properties in Mint Canyon extremely attractive to renters.


Humphreys is mostly made up of homes built after the 2000s. The fresh and young appearance of the landscape in Humphrey’s gives it a visual appeal. There are various properties to choose from, with apartments and houses ranging from 1 to 5 bedrooms. One notable feature of this neighborhood is the commute, which is longer than most. This neighborhood would make an attractive investment for those interested in properties designed to appeal to more affluent tenants. 


Canyon Country has properties located near schools, community colleges, restaurants, churches, and parks. The low crime rate in Santa Clarita makes it an optimal location for investors looking to rent properties to families, young professionals, and students. Canyon Country boasts a range of new developments and properties built in the early 20th century, including gated communities like Aliento. The houses in Canyon Country can cater to those looking to invest in high-end properties for the affluent tenant or more affordable homes that are more accessible.