UNITED STATES—The issue of police officers using excessive force with citizens has been at the forefront of much debate in 2014. With the recent deaths involving unarmed individuals Michael Brown and Eric Garner, people across America have gone to the streets, the airwaves and to the media to voice their outrage.

On Saturday, two New York Police Officers were fatally shot by an assailant at close range in retaliation to recent deaths involving Garner and Brown. Ok, this is seriously scary. Are we looking at a possible growing war between Americans and the police force? I would hope not, yes, there might be a few bad apples in the criminal justice system, but that does not imply that all officers behave in the same manner.

To have someone literally walk up to a police cruiser and shoot two officers fatally in the head without any remorse whatsoever makes one think America has gone crazy. It almost weaves the tale that this is something that could become an epidemic of sorts. Being frustrated with outcomes that are decisive in nature, especially race is one thing, but to violently act on those impulses by taking the lives of two people not responsible for what transpired is sickening. 

To make matters worse the perpetrator of these crimes had earlier in the day killed his girlfriend and then later turned the gun on himself. What a coward to do such a thing? You commit a heinous crime, but you’re not prepared to face the consequences of your actions. Authorities have already come out rallying against the crimes, what is worse is hearing the stories from grieving family members of the slain officers. I mean this is a time of year where family is important and to have someone commit such a vicious act, just tears at my heart.

It raises an even more important question: what is being done to protect officers on the streets. It’s apparent that the suspect had been plotting this attack for some time. Can the same thing happen to other officers in other regions of the country? I mean reports have already surfaced in the news that gang members are planning to attack officers in the Ohio region. I don’t want to be watching the news this holiday season and have to hear about those fighting to protect our streets and citizens being slain by a disgruntled anarchy.

Any individual who fights for our country, to ensure that we get the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labor and liberties should receive high glory. There are so many of us who would never have the courage to do what those in law enforcement do.

The idea of not knowing from one day to the next, when that person walks out the door, if it will be the last time you see them or not. We as Americans must stand against such atrocities, this is not something to be praised, smiled upon or turned away by the naked eye. Anytime attacks are made on those that protect us it places us in a vulnerable state. The frightening thing aspect is most of us never realized this until it’s too late.