President Trump Issues Clemency And Pardons

UNITED STATES−For the third time in his presidency, Donald Trump pardoned, granted clemency or commutations to 13 people on Tuesday, February 18. "Today, President Donald...

SAG-AFTRA Offices Evacuated After Bomb Threat

LOS ANGELES—The national SAG-AFTRA offices located in Los Angeles and New York were evacuated on Tuesday, January 6, at 11:00 a.m. when a phone...

Canadian Citizen Charged In Bombing Death Of U.S. Soldiers

UNITED STATES—The United States Department of Justice reported that Canadian citizen, Faruq Kalil Muhammed ‘Isa was sentenced for his role in the conspiracy and...

Elderly Woman Beaten On NYC Subway

UNITED STATES—Authorities arrested Marc Gomez, 36, for attacking an elderly woman on a New York City subway on March 10. Officials from the New...

Tragedy In New York

UNITED STATES—The issue of police officers using excessive force with citizens has been at the forefront of much debate in 2014. With the recent...
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