HOLLYWOOD—Similar to my column about “General Hospital,” a ton of mayhem has been unleashed on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” and I don’t know where to begin. Well, to be honest we have to kick things off with the drama surrounding Hilary Curtis. Yes, Mishael Morgan will be vacating her role on the soap very soon, and if the news Nate delivered this week is any indication, Hilary might be vacating by the end of the week.

So for those of you in the dark, Hilary, Lily and Charlie were involved in a car accident, after Lily ran a red light after getting into a tiff with Hilary. It all stems from Charlie and Shauna wanting to hookup. The utter mayhem of this fallout when it comes to light that LILY was at fault will have ripple effects people! Charlie knows the truth and has confessed the details to Cane, and Shauna is also aware of what transpired. Cane wants to keep things tight-lipped because Lily could be in major trouble because of it.

The first devastating blow was the revelation that Hilary lost the baby, the second blow is the news that Hilary’s condition is worsening and she is on her death bed. I’ll be honest the scenes between Bryton McClure and Morgan should already be penciled in as potential contenders for the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards. McClure is certainly showing a level of range that I can’t recall ever seeing from the actor. It is very worrisome because it makes you wonder what will happen to the character moving forward with his love interest departing. Knowing time is limited, Devon has planned to marry Hilary before she dies.

Devon is going to learn the truth, and I dare say it could doom his relationship with Lily forever; I mean she was the cause of the death of his wife and his one true love. That is a very tough pill to swallow America, and as a viewer the grief punches you hard in the chest. This storyline has the potential to be one of the best “Y&R” has done since the demise of Cassie. This brings the conversation to Nick Newman.

Man, what the hell. After thinking that J.T. was back in the flesh, the audience learned we were hoodwinked. Why? Nick was the person dressed as J.T. and it was all part of his masterplan to teach his father Victor a lesson. This was under the radar; this plan I never saw coming a million miles away. This new dark side to Nick is very fun to watch America. I mean Victor was thrown back by his son’s deception, as well as Sharon, Nikki, Victoria and Abby.

He has partnered with Jack for Dark Horse, which is only causing Victor to fume even more. We all know Victor hates betrayal, so its only time before Victor implements a plan that may be the death of Nick. Would I say Victor would commit such a deed? NO, but when you implement a plan you never know the fallout until it’s too late. Nick is in a sticky situation, because when Sharon learned about his ruse she called off the engagement, which sent Nick into the arms of Phyllis who was already wooing a broken heart after learning that Billy was back gambling again.

A night of video games and drinking turned into a steamy sex session, which both regretted, but attempted to justify at the same time. So now, Sharon and Billy will be hurt when the truth comes out. I mean it was Phyllis who led to the fracture of Nick and Sharon’s love the first time and now it’s happening a second time people!

Frenemies are about to become full-blown enemies again when this secret surfaces. Phyllis is NOT a good lair because Kyle immediately picked up that she slept with someone, he just didn’t know it was Nick, I can only imagine how Billy will react when this news hits the fan. He has always had an issue with Billy, but this might not only send him over the edge, but might lead to him drinking in excess yet again.

I can already see where things are headed. Sharon and Nick plan their wedding, only to have this bombshell dropped, but wait there is more: Phyllis could be pregnant? I could see this happening, but rather it actually takes place is up for debate. Perhaps, “The Young and the Restless” will deliver a curveball audiences don’t expect.