GRIFFITH PARK—The entertainment company, Warner Bros. has proposed a new building project that will get visitors up close and personal with the Hollywood sign by an aerial tram. The 6-minute tram is rumored to start in the Burbank area and end behind Mt. Lee. Since Warner Bros. is funding the project ,taxpayer’s money will not be used for the tram construction costs.

The estimated $100 million tramway proposal has raised questions if the tramway could harmful to the surrounding wildlife. Some residents living in the area near the proposed project are concerned if the new project will help alleviate the traffic and parking problems near the sign, while others are concerned about Griffith Park.

Canyon News contacted Mark Pampanin, communications deputy for Los Angeles City Hall, about the tramway. While no questions were answered Canyon News received the following statement:

“Councilmember Ryu is committed to a solution-driven process to the safety, mobility and access issues around the Hollywood Sign,” said Estevan Montemayor, Director of Communications and External Affairs for Ryu. “Upon return from the City Council recess, city officials will continue to discuss the feasibility of various proposed solutions, including transportation proposals such as a shuttle or aerial tram with the full participation of community stakeholders.”

The Hollywood sign was built in 1923 as part of a real estate advertisement and read “HOLLYWOODLAND,” but was later changed to ‘HOLLYWOOD.’ The sign has become an iconic landmark for Los Angeles bringing tourists to the site. Over the years the primarily residential community has seen an increase in traffic. The proposed plan is a resolution to the problem. The five-year plan to build the tramway has not yet been accepted by city officials.