HOLLYWOOD—The Tribeca Film Festival is in full force. The 21st edition of New York’s Tribeca Festival started June 8 and runs through June 19. Some of the most exciting films of the year, will be showcased at the festival. Let’s look at some of the top films and documentaries.

“American Dreamer” stars Peter Dinklage and Shirley Maclaine in a dark comedy directed by Paul Dektor about a frustrated college professor who hatches a scheme to use a local widow and her mansion to help him out of his own tricky situation. It gets interesting-and the two formidable stars are able to show their chops-when the plan goes awry. With the last two years of COVID-19 and most Broadway shows being canceled, a film “Broadway Rising,” is inspiring.

A film of perseverance through recent adversity, however, one of the most thrilling to behold has been the return of Broadway after the worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shows that were shuttered have roared back to life, new productions have made their mark in a rapidly shifting landscape, and a community that found inventive, inspired ways to keep live theater thriving. Director Amy Rice’s new documentary explores members of the Broadway community from actors to ushers and everyone in between to tell the story of the grit and determination it took to save American theater.

One film not to miss is “Corner Office.” You know that everyone has that coworker, the one whose habits are infuriating or whose eccentricities seem to become their entire personality. While Orson (Jon Hamm) prides himself on being a model employee, he can’t say the same for his colleagues. Interesting, so why are they so upset when he moves into a new workspace away from where the others toil? In the latest from Oscar-winning director Joachim Back’s latest, audiences are left to wonder who the common enemy truly is.

The “Good House” stars Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline in a charming, romantic comedy from directors Maya Forbes and Wallace Wolodarsky about a real-estate agent who reconnects with a long-lost love and finds that old romantic feelings aren’t the only things to start coming back into focus. The film is based on the best-selling novel by Ann Leary.

The film “Jerry & Marge Go Large,” stars Bryan Cranston, Annette Bening, Anna Camp and Larry Wilmore. Jerry (Cranston) retires, he’s left twisting in the wind. That is until he discovers a way to get rich and perhaps more importantly, keep busy. It’s a brilliant plan until he discovers he’s not the only one using it. The film is directed by David Frankel from “The Devil Wears Prada.”  In the documentary, “McEnroe,” director Barney Douglas spent one night in New York City with the legendary tennis player, John McEnroe, and that’s all he needed. In the documentary, which features McEnroe’s family and friends, including Billie Jean King and Keith Richards-delves into the athletes successes and failures, and examines what drove his determination for greatness, and at what cost.

In the film “Official Competition,” Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas star in this Spanish-language satire, directed by Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohn, about a billionaire who decides to invest in moviemaking and biting off more than what he bargained for. Cruz plays an artsy director who won’t play by anyone’s rules and Banderas is a matinee idol who finds himself under her control.

Last but not least, “Halftime” is a film that opened up the festival on June 8, and will premiere June 14 on Netflix. This documentary is directed by Amanda Micheli, that goes inside J Lo. It shows J Lo’s career as a musician and actress-as well as her role as a mother-the film not only offers an unprecedented look at major moments like her halftime show performance at the 2020 Super Bowl, which she shared the stage with Shakira.

Rose’s Scoop: On June 11, Taylor Swift surprised fans at Tribeca. She directed, wrote, produced and stars in the clip,  “All Too Well: The Short Film.”