UNITED STATES—Former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence held separate rallies in Arizona to support their prospective gubernatorial candidates. Pence hosted a rally in Peoria on July 21.

Pence, along with Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, announced his endorsement for Kari Lakes gubernatorial rival, Karrin Taylor Robson.

Pence was critical of Lake, a former Democrat who supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Pence went on to say, “Look, I’m always happy to welcome a convert to the Republican party, but Arizona does not need a Governor that voted for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

Ducey tweeted on behalf of Robson, calling her the only true conservative running. He also pointed out that the leader of the National Border Patrol Council, Brandon Judd, endorses Robson.

Pence told the crowd if Robson were elected it would send a deafening message heard all across America that, “the Republican party is the party of the future.”

On July 22, Trump took the stage at the Findley Toyota Center in Prescot to endorse Lake for governor. 

The Arizona Chairwoman of the Republican party, Kelli Ward announced she voted for Kari Lake for Governor, Mark Mitchum, Abe Hamadeh for Attorney General, Shiry Sapir for student instruction, and Blake Masters for U.S. Senate.

The invocation was given by Pentecostal Assistant Pastor Joshua Navarette of Redeemer Ministries. Navarette asked the crowd,”How many know that it’s time for Churches and pastors and Churches to stand up and get involved?”

He indicated that he was there to “start this rally the right way, in prayer. I represent two communities,” including the faith community, and @beinvenidos.us. A Hispanic outreach program that starts early voter registration within their Churches.

“We will never give in. We will never yield. We will never, ever, ever back down. As long as we are unified, the tyrants we are against do not stand a chance because we are Americans who kneel to God and no one else. They [Democrats] do not believe in God. They do not believe in oil. They do not believe in the Second Amendment. And they want to win elections? Continued. Instead of taking guns away from law-abiding Americans, they should take them away from career criminals and felons,” said Trump.

Lake spoke on the importance of getting involved and getting out to vote. “We can’t wait for Superman to save us, we have to get involved. I believe Superman is coming back, and hopefully soon. And when he does, we will be by his side.”