HOLLYWOOD—I am just baffled at the mayhem that is unfolding on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The writer’s decision to deliver a twist unlike anything I ever expected with Bill Spencer coming to the defense of Sheila Carter was just genius. I was seriously trying to figure out how Bill was going to pull the strings to get Sheila off, and it was how he always gets his way: MONEY! However, Bill’s latest move is rattling EVERYONE and I MEAN EVERYONE IN LOS ANGELES!

Steffy and Finn were livid, but the thought of Taylor going to prison for shooting Bill all those years back prompted both of them to stay mum. As a result, the judge decided to drop all charges against Sheila including the fact that Mike Guthrie forced Sheila to escape with tainted/manufactured footage. Legally speaking it is a very weak argument because two people were shot, Sheila was captured at the scene and those are not the only crimes she committed. I mean she attacked Li and nearly killed her, so how are those charges being dismissed? Not the best writing there.

With that said Steffy is livid and was forced to spill the truth to Taylor who was stunned. It has caused a war of words between Sheila and Taylor which I am all for. These women are mortal enemies. However, Bill has created more enemies in Liam, Wyatt, Katie, Carter and Brooke Forrester. Brooke is the key here because she is indeed as Bill calls it the one true love of his life.

So if Katie’s pleading to her former husband, couldn’t break thru to him, is Brooke the only option? It is looking like it, and I can see Brooke doing something crazy to neutralize Sheila. I mean Sheila is the person who drugged Brooke by swapping her non-alcoholic champagne with actual champagne causing a ripple in her marriage to Ridge. She is owed her revenge and I would love seeing Taylor and Brooke align to take out Sheila Carter for once and all.

Also we haven’t even talked about the notion that Ridge has no idea what is going on. He already hates Bill Spencer with a vengeance so this news is only going to ignite that rivalry in a way that will literally see Ridge do all in his power to protect his family and rid the world of Bill and Sheila in the process. It is really messy right now and I don’t see Bill recovering from this move because he is clouded by ‘love.’ Rather Sheila is manipulating him or not has not been confirmed, but my instinct tells me Sheila is absolutely using Bill and he is failing to realize it. They did sleep together, but that intense scene (fantastic acting by Heather Tom) between Bill and Katie conveyed something to me: Sheila might be blackmailing Bill! She has something on him because he was fighting back tears and rage as Katie confronted him.

I’m trying to figure out what Sheila has on Bill that has him so petrified he is going against all his family to protect her. No, Bill doesn’t love Sheila, she has something major on him and the viewers are waiting for the other bomb to drop.

Am I intrigued to see Bill and Liam at war again? Absolutely, when Bill slept with Steffy it was some of the best TV on “B&B” as the audience got to see a side of Liam that has rarely been unleashed: anger. Liam hasn’t had much going on as of late so this gives him plenty to play with people and it is long overdue with the Liam, Hope and Thomas love triangle extinguished for the time being. I am eager to see when Thomas will return to LA after being fired and what his plans are moving forward and how the Sheila and Bill chaos shakes things on “B&B.”