HOLLYWOOD─It is just like “The Young and the Restless” to bring a couple who was on the major outs, to find themselves back to one another after a long period of struggles. For those of you in the dark, I’m referencing Adam and Chelsea. When Chelsea first returned to Genoa City, she wanted nothing to do with Adam, the father of her son and her one true love. Yes, Chelsea has had many lovers, but her heart has and will always belong to Adam Newman.

The problem with Adam is that he constantly sabotages the people he cares about. Rather it’s at his own doing (tampering with his father’s meds) or blackmailing family members, Adam makes it quite difficult for one to forgive his misdeeds. However, all it takes is a few good deeds and all can change everything. For starters, he returned to town to mend his relationship with Connor, which was spiraling down a dark path. Follow that up with him posing as hero to save his family from a gunman who made threats.

Adam wants Chelsea back in his life just like Connor; he wants his family unit back in gear. There is one slight problem: Chelsea is with Nick. Yes, I was certain that things between Chelsea and Nick were dunzo after she moved back into Adam’s penthouse. Why is this frustrating? It seems only in the soap world you she siblings share lovers like candy. It’s amazing, slightly ironic and just odd in ways that I cannot explain.

With that said, Adam and Phyllis (of all people) have come to an agreement: they both want to reunite with their former flames. So why not team up and ensure that happens? Phyllis has been wooing Nick for quite some time, and the sparks are starting to fly a bit between Chelsea and Adam. There is one hiccup that is of major interest for me: Adam and Chance.

Yes, these two met in Las Vegas and they have a whopper of a secret that still hasn’t been revealed, but the audience is getting closer and closer to a truth emerging. How so? Phyllis knows these two have a secret and she has been angling for quite some time to get to the truth of it. Unfortunately, Adam and Chance have been very good at covering their tracks and deflecting Phyllis from learning more.

With that said, Adam dropped a major clue by revealing to someone he spoke on the phone that ‘she’ was still receiving payments. So there is a woman who has stayed silent because of payments being made to her. So who is this woman and is she a face from the past from Genoa City. Looks like time will tell on this bombshell.

In other GC news, we learned that the rivalry between Kyle and Theo is about to heat up more than ever. How so? Summer realized that Theo has a torch for Lola! However, Lola is happily married to Kyle. I wonder what Kyle will do with this information when he learns the truth, because he’s already livid that Theo is a permanent stamp in his life after discovering they are long lost cousins. This could be quite interesting people.

So let’s return back to the secret that everyone wants to know, but we still have no clue exactly where the writers are heading with this involving Amanda Sinclair. We know she has been tracking someone, and that she has a host of restraining orders out there, not to mention Victor Newman is onto Amanda and her secret. What’s the problem? We still have no idea what or better yet, who, Amanda is running from? Nate and Elena are onto Amanda, but Nate is still being her defender.

Nate has a spark for Amanda, the problem is that feeling is not mutual. What do I mean? She seems to have a torch for Billy Abbott, and Billy has not been himself lately people, not at all. Billy and Amanda have been getting quite chummy, and Nate has no clue and Billy seems very smitten by this mysterious woman. So it looks like a tryst is in the works that will shatter Victoria Abbott’s heart in the process, as Billy’s alter is very present at the moment and in control of all his antics.