HOLLYWOOD—The 20 year-old son of “Orange is the New Black” creator died in a skiing accident in Utah during a family trip on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2019.

Charles “Charlie” Noxton, 20, was on a skiing trip with his father, journalist Christopher Noxton and siblings. Charlie was skiing down an intermediate trail near Canyons Village when he hit a sign trying to navigate a forked trail. He was discovered by other skiers and ski patrols were notified. Park City Ski patrol responded and Charlie was airlifted to a hospital. The air ambulance crew pronounced him dead before reaching their destination.

According to officials, Charlie was an experienced skier and wore a helmet. There were no witnesses to the accident. His father and siblings were further down the ski route and were not with him at the time of the incident. The cause of death is currently under investigation.

His mother, Jenji Kohan, 50, is the creator of the popular series “Weeds,” “Glow,” and “Orange is the New Black.” She and her ex-husband have spoken about their son’s death.

“The clichés about moments like this are true, it turns out. The one about life forever changing in a split second, about the fact that we are all bound up in a web of love and loss, about the primacy of community in times of unfathomable tragedy.”

Kohan posted a picture of Charlie on her Instagram and wrote, “He was my best work. A list of adjectives don’t do him justice. I am the luckiest person who ever lived in that I got to spend so much time and help grow this brilliant, funny, truly kind and thoughtful person-man-boy.”

Charlie’s memorial service is said to take place at the Temple of Israel in Hollywood on Sunday, January 5.