UNITED STATES—Let’s be honest, us mere mortals are a little bit too busy to have our fingers constantly on the pulse of fashion and as such we can tend to miss out on the trends as they come and go with alarming regularity.

Some of these trends may be little more than a passing fad and others seem a step too far. This summer a lot of the big trends are with an eye to comfort and ease of use, this is no doubt a nod to the tough time we’ve been having of it lately with the pandemic.

Usually fashion trends are based far more on form over function but it seems in 2021 those who decide what’s in and what’s out are trying their hardest to make it easy for us mere mortals to keep up with trends AND retain a sense of calm and casualness. 

However, in order to help you stay one step ahead of the curve, here’s a quick look at some of the big fashion accessories that you will no doubt have seen celebrities sporting in recent months.

Platform Sandals

Summer is here and, dependent on your location, it’s time for you to show off your feet. Platform sandals are really big this year and not only are they trendy but they can add a few inches to your height if you happen to be a little dainty and petite.

Candy Colorfully Colored Handbags

Bright colors are very much in and the trend of having bags that look good enough to eat is one that we totally get behind. These are a nice playful finish to an outfit and can come in any size that fits your style and plans for the day or night.

Name Necklaces

This year’s jewelry accessory of choice is definitely name necklaces. These are a great way of making a style statement as well as something more substantial. Grab a great initial necklace that tells people just how you are before you’ve even opened your gorgeous mouth.

A Big Tote Bag

While some fashion shows have gone a little too big, and sometimes ridiculously so, it’s definitely true that 2021 is the year of the tote bag. Go for strong, but not garish, colors here and maybe consider playing around with the design a little. No need to be too basic here.

Blocky Rectangle Sunglasses

Yet another example of how big really is beautiful this year, get yourself a pair of strong blocky sunglasses. This year is all about angled off looks, not curvy, so get yourself some nice rectangle sunglasses and might we recommend off-white or cream for the frames.


Another item that is somewhat bulky and very much part of an overall trend for basics with a twist. Loafers are a comfortable trend we can get behind and can be versatile and effective if you get a pair with a dash of color.

Scrunchies are Back

As is the norm, retro rules the roost when it comes to fashion timelines. Once again the 90s are back and with it comes the loveable scrunchy. Look to get big and colorful ones, they are a nice relaxed throwback that is really in this year.

Claw Clips

This too is another relaxed informal hair care accessory that you must have seen all around town. Again it’s an item that we probably all have but save for home use, but now you can get back out there with your claw clip but we’d recommend a jazzed up one for extra bonus points

Oversized Sweatshirt

Perhaps it’s a knock on occurrence from our time dealing with the worst part of the COVID crisis, but it’s definitely the case that fashions are leaning towards comfort and it doesn’t get much more comfortable than an oversized sweatshirt and these are very much back in fashion. These are great with short shorts in the summer and we’d suggest less ‘out there’ colors, maybe a muted pink or cream.

Creative Colored Masks

As it’s likely that the wearing of masks will continue to be the norm in many circumstances you should try to have fun with it. Most high street brands offer great styles and that way when you wear them it will feel less like a chore and more like a fashion statement.

Bucket Hats

Another trend that has a hint of the 90s and one that we initially were not all that keen on, but bucket hats have certainly caught our eye, in a good way. This streetwear accessory can be pulled off nicely with sporty jackets and bra tops to complete that smart but casual look.

Net Bags

This is what happens when you apply that casual relaxed feel to your bag selection, netted bags are great for that inner city busy professional look. Look to get a chunky net bag otherwise the style will very much outdo the substance of the item. They are also a good environmentally friendly option when it comes to transporting items without the need for plastic bags from shops etc..

The good thing about all these looks is that with exception they can all be blinged or kept simple, in other words each accessory item can be used to make a statement of its own. 

2021 is very much offering the summer style bonanza that’s rooted in a sense of unpretentiousness and that’s something we can well and truly get behind.