UNITED STATES—We often find fashion items amazing on their own so not a lot of people even ask what it takes to make such unique and beautiful pieces. Have you ever wondered about how painstaking the process of the fashion industry is?

If you want to know how fashion masterpieces of all shapes, sizes and designs are created, below are things that you may find very interesting. From pattern-making, to cutting, to actually sewing and successfully selling fashion pieces, there is actually a lot to learn from the industry that we all love. For aspiring dressmakers, you can also check out Sewing Machines Plus Coupons:

  • From Designs to Digital Patterns. The first step to creating fashion masterpieces is the design. Once the designs are all there, manufacturers will then create sewing patterns. Through what is called a “digitizer,” the designs are made ready for production which the pattern making specialist will now use to input all the patterns in the system. Prior to digitizers, paper patterns are used for this process which is more time and energy consuming.

Once all patterns have been sorted and necessary alterations have been made, the final patterns will now be printed on a plotter. To do so, the specialists prepare a layout plan that factors in fabric length, roll width, total number of items to be produced and breakdown of sizes.

  • From Machines to Seamstresses. After thorough preparation and detailed checking, the fabrics are now ready for cutting. Workers can then follow the patterns made, which are printed on a special paper that is seamlessly stuck to the fabric. Samples are cut manually but bulk production will have to use equipment. All cut pieces will now be put together in sets for the seamstresses to start sewing together.

At this stage, it is important to carefully choose what threads, zippers, buttons and other accessories match the fabrics perfectly. Once everything is all set, the seamstresses will start working their magic and start bringing the creations to life!

  • From Seasonal Collections to Signature Pieces. Aside from the entire sewing and production process of the fashion masterpieces, launching a successful brand and collection is an equally important part of bringing these pieces to every closet. It’s one thing to put together a beautiful dress, a pair of jeans or a cute and practical top, but to make everyone else appreciate and want to wear them is another thing.

To make sure that creations standout and showcase the effort poured into bringing them to life, a good narrative is crafted by designers and brands. They also have to choose a signature style for their collection. This is what sets apart each designer from the other, the certain style that makes the brand easily recognizable. To avoid redundancy and saturation, designers also regularly launch collections that their fans look out for every season. Collections may be a curated series of certain pieces that can be worn together or a single masterpiece with different styles and colors.

These are just  a few of the things you might not know about the fashion industry but there’s still a lot more to uncover. There’s so much effort put into creating everything we wear, from the sensible ones to the high-fashion items and it’s worth a read or two to recognize the brilliance, creativity and hard work of the people behind this lucrative industry.