HOUSTON, TX— Two people, including one child, are dead after drowning in former Dodger player Carl Crawford’s swimming pool.

The former MLB player had a small gathering at his Houston home with 6 people in attendance. Two of those guests included a woman and a small child, approximately 5 years old. The boy is said to have wandered off and allegedly fell into the pool, leading to the woman jumping in to try and save him, as he was under her care. Neither was able to exit the pool safely.

Sources say that Crawford attempted life saving measures on both the woman and child but to no avail. Paramedics were called and upon arrival, also attempted to revive both victims but were unsuccessful. Both victims were taken to a nearby hospital via ambulance but were pronounced dead.

Crawford retired from the MLB with his last game appearance being with the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 3, 2016. He went on to become the CEO of independent record label ‘1501 Certified Entertainment’ who were the first to sign hip-hop artist ‘Megan Thee Stallion’.