SAN FRANCISCO—A UC San Francisco student, who is said to be suffering from mental health issues, has been missing since February 28. 

Christopher Liang, a senior majoring in business, was said to have taken a trip to the Irvine area in Southern California to visit friends. The last time Liang was heard from was at 5 p.m. on February 28, where he stated to a family member that he was in Firebaugh which is a town located in Central California. 

According to reports, the Tesla rental Liang was driving was malfunctioning during his trip. A friend of his told the SF Gate that he knew this because Liang was complaining to him about the car. The current location of the vehicle is unknown. The car has been described as a white Tesla Model Y with the license plate number 8RNC906. 

Liang’s brother, Jerry, expressed in an Instagram post that the case seems to have inconsistencies. Jerry wrote, “Because Chris could be anywhere between Irvine and San Francisco, no local police department is really willing to take charge of this case, so then [it’s] been really hot potato between different departments and different units.”    

The San Francisco Police Department stated that they were unaware of the case.