HOLLYWOOD—I will be honest, I thought May sweeps on “General Hospital’ were slightly underwhelming, but whoa the writers certainly made up for it this past week. It was absolute utter chaos to say the least. I mean the Nurse Ball kicked off the week before, but ramped up the drama to epic proportions. It all started with Nina continuing to push the dagger into Willow’s back. It certainly looks like Willow might be Nina’s long-lost daughter and when the reveal comes out; all the antics Nina has pulled on Willow will be a hard pill for her to swallow.

Why? Nina overheard Willow sharing that she had a child and gave him up for adoption. That news soon spread to Shiloh who confronted Willow. He was enraged, but Michael came to her rescue. As I stated Willow and Michael are destined to be together, even though she is currently with Chase. The bond between Willow and Michael deepened as he came to her rescue with Shiloh ready to rip her head off after learning she had his kid. Making matters worse, this fiasco involving the baby switch with Nelle and Brad is about to explode.

Willow thinks Wiley is her son, but is she ever in for a shock, when she discovers the child actually belongs to Michael, who has moved on with life under the guise that his son perished. Just wait till he discovers Brad has been raising his child as his for nearly a year. Lives are about to be changed in epic fashion. All this while Julian attempts to protect Lucas from discovering Brad’s little secret, wonder how Julian will respond upon learning that Wiley is actual Michael’s son Jonah. Whoa, if Julian thought Sonny was a formidable foe before, he ain’t seen nothing yet; especially after Sonny and company learn Julian’s role in the melee.

Let’s return our conversation to Shiloh, who was ready to ‘initiate’ Sam. She was drugged by her foe, who was preparing to sexually assault Sam as she resisted his advances. Time was ticking, but Jason managed to locate his one true love in a nick of time to save her. Jason being Jason beat Shiloh to a pulp and rightfully so America. It looks like this Dawn of Day storyline has finally culminated America or could we be in for a twist that we never saw coming? Shiloh was dead to rights with Monica getting results proving that Sam was drugged by her assailant, just as Jason made threats that Shiloh should be worried about his safety.

The good news is Jason and Sam managed to find the pledges from Margaux and Kristina, and as I stated, Kristina shared a juicy tidbit with DOD about Alexis, not Sonny people. However, my curiosity was more piqued to discover exactly what Intel Margaux delivered to the cult leader. Well we got that information and it was she was well aware that her mother was responsible for her father’s death and she helped cover it up. Sonny was ecstatic about the news cause it gives him major leverage on his foe. All this mayhem was transpiring as Drew and Kim bid adieu to Port Charles to grapple with their grief. It really sucks that Billy Miller’s portrayer has taken a backseat to storytelling ever since the real Jason Morgan returned to Port Charles. Hopefully, when he returns to town, he’ll have plenty to deal with. That said, it seems the writers are absolutely driving the wheel to a Nina and Jax relationship once the truth about Sasha comes to light.

The juiciest tidbit of the hour involved the return of Ryan Chamberlain. After knocking out Kevin and assuming his place yet again, he straight jacketed his brother and left him as a closing number on the 2019 Nurse Ball. With panic setting in for residents in Port Charles, Ava Jerome was out for blood and lured Ryan right into her trap. She wanted answers about Kiki’s death and when Ryan shared the dirty truth it only enraged Ava that much more. She pulled a gun on her former lover, before being subdued by Curtis and Chase. Why?

They want to save Jordan’s life who desperately needs a kidney. I do not love the new Jordan, I know her portrayer is doing her best to fill in big shoes created by Vinessa Antoine, but she just falls short if you ask me. Ryan gloated that Ava didn’t have the guys to kill him, so she responded by taking a butcher knife and stabbing him in the back. Kevin you might be a serial killer, but Ava Jerome she’s a sociopath; she has killed before just like you and when it comes to family this woman has no limits.

Ryan survived surgery, but I sense the writers are not done with Mr. Chamberlain who still might have a few tricks up his sleeve for the residents of Port Charles.