HOLLYWOOD—Well for months the name Valentin Cassadine has been teased on the ABC soap “General Hospital,” but after what seems like years of waiting the nefarious Cassadine finally made his presence known on Cassadine Island to his nephew Nikolas, and the rest of the gang. By the rest of the gang, I’m referring to Ava, Jason, Sam, Laura, Kevin and Lulu.

I will admit the level of villainy on the soap has died a bit since the great Helena Cassadine left the canvas, and Anna’s nemesis Cesar Faison vanished. This guy seems quite evil to say the least; I mean he ‘fatally’ shot Nikolas in the presence of his loved ones without a second thought. Of course this is important people, because we all know Nikolas is not dead, the shooting was a need to usher in the return of the original Nikolas portrayed by Tyler Christopher.

However, did you see those scenes by Genie Francis after confronting Valentin about murdering her son? Whoa, that was some stellar acting from Francis, and I dare say it already, she could be a contender for a Best Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy nomination come 2017. The one question that has me intrigued is just what Valentin is up to. Is he looking to claim the Cassadine fortune? What did he do that is so nefarious that even HELENA is scared of the guy?

I’m certain that news will be divulged to soap fans in the coming months, but remember that secret Dr. Liesl Obrecht has been keeping about the Nathan’s true heritage? Everyone suspected that Victor Cassadine was the father to be, but it all makes sense, looks like Valentin could indeed be Nathan’s father, and imagine the hell he’ll unleash when he learns he has a son that he was never told about? If Liesl reacts to seeing Valentin with complete shock, the audience will have the answer to their question about Nathan.

The other secret that seems to be unfolding is what Hayden’s mother knows about the Webber clan that she has yet to divulge to her daughter and Elizabeth. Hmm, she was certainly shaken when she heard the name Heather Webber. Elizabeth divulged details about her father to Naomi, who seemed to know the specifics already, but I can sense she may have known Liz’s father.

Fans already know, when Heather returns to the canvas she is always harboring information, information that is game-changing to say the least. Is it possible that Naomi is Liz’s mother that has never been seen, oh, this would be such a twist, especially considering that Hayden and Liz are like mortal enemies, could you imagine these two as sister’s people! Well we got our answer, because Naomi paid Heather a visit to make threats, which means Heather has something on this pristine woman.

Sonny finally learned that his daughter Kristina is involved in a relationship with her professor Parker, which he saw first-hand. Kristina walked on eggshells about the issue which I can’t believe no one else told the mobster about. I mean Alexis and Molly were both aware of Kristina’s issues with her sexuality, so why not spill the beans. And Sonny’s troubles will only amplify with the return of Jasper Jacks. Yep, he’s back in town to visit his daughter Joslyn, and this will probably further complicate things between him, Carly and Sonny.

Could Jax’s arrival be a sign that Brenda Barrett might return to PC to cause trouble in Sonny and Carly’s relationship? One can only hope people, one can only hope. Now that the gang has escaped Cassadine Island, and Valentin is on the loose there is no telling what havoc he will unleash when he arrives in Port Charles. We all know he’s coming!