HOLLYWOOD—Guess what guys, its November sweeps! Yep, great things are happening on your favorite soaps with those long dragged out secrets or bombshells finally coming to light. The big news on the ABC soap “General Hospital” is the return of the villainous Valentin Cassadine, who seems to have an agenda that will shake Port Charles and many of its residents to the core.

The fact that he arrived at Wyndemere dressed as a wolf, the same costume that Kevin utilized to surprise Laura was haunting. I mean Laura, Lulu, Dante, Alexis, Kevin, Sam and Jason were all stunned to see Valentin in the flesh, and revealing that all charges against him were dropped.

Making the situation more complicated is the fact that he owns Wyndemere, not Spencer. So if Nikolas is indeed dead, the evil curse of the Cassadine clan is about to be awoken in ways that we never expected. We know the villainous one was entangled in this mystery involving Claudette and her daughter Charlotte. Yes, that storyline is a crazy mess, full of more twists and surprises than I can imagine. Why? Claudette lied and said Nathan was the father, but Maxie secretly ran a DNA test that proved that Nathan was not the father, and it’s actually Griffin!

So now Griffin is left to raise a daughter he had no idea existed, while there is still the possibility that Valentin could be the father, which explains why Claudette has been so desperate to protect her child. Lucky for Griffin, he has Anna and Robin by his side to help. That’s right people Robin Scorpio-Drake is back in PC, and the timing could not be better as she saved her pal Sonny from committing suicide over the guilt he’s suffering over Morgan’s death.

Yes, Sonny is NOT doing well people; he is a downward spiral suffering from guilt over Morgan’s unexpected death that could have been prevented if he called off that hit on Julian. His pal Jason has been by his side, but unfortunately his focus has been directed on Sam and ensuring their bun in the love is protected. Julian is still walking around PC as if he has done nothing wrong.

I mean, what is it about villainy in Port Charles that never goes punished? I mean Ava and Julian have committed some wicked deeds and gotten away with them, but Ava may finally pay for her crimes, because it looks like she is being stalked and the culprit might be Morgan who isn’t as dead as everyone suspects. Remember, in the soap world if there is NO body that should always be a reason to maintain hope. Carly has been leaning on Nelle who is indeed keeping a whopper of a secret people. I certainly hope the twist isn’t that Nelle is some long lost daughter of Carly’s, especially after she received that note from her ‘father.’

Other madness includes Alexis’ who has turned to the bottle to deal with her grief, and I’m suspecting that things won’t end well for the attorney who has done a well job of hiding her emotions, but it is apparent to all those around her that something is off about this legal eagle. She confronted her nefarious brother Valentin who made threats, but Jason put the strong arm on the enemy.

Looks like Anna is back in the mix with the WSB in her quest to take down Valentin and possibly any other nefarious fiends in cahoots with him. We could also see a battle brewing between Jason and Curtis; especially after Curtis was caught snooping in Sonny’s office. What’s worse, Curtis is looking for evidence on who set that bomb in Julian’s car. I don’t think it was Sonny people, we could be seeing a big reveal in the coming weeks that might stun fans.

Since we started this column discussing Valentin, it would only be wise to end things with a new romance brewing in the air. We’re all aware that Valentin and Nina hooked up a few months ago, but it seems the once crazy now reformed lady, has a spark with Valentin that he is not willing to let go. Oh, man I can only imagine the chaos these two could manifest if together.

“General Hospital” moved a few pieces to set the stage for what could be an explosive month for sweeps if you ask me.