HOLLYWOOD—February is always a special month. It’s the month of the Super Bowl, Grammys and the Oscars. It’s that time of year where romance is in the air. Godiva chocolates, red roses and romantic getaways mean only one thing: Valentine’s Day!

Last year we had the movie “Valentine’s Day,” which was full of love and celebrities. It was a star-packed movie which starred Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Queen Latifah , Ashton Kutcher and Taylor Swift just to name a few. This year we have “Blue Valentine” starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. The film centers around a couple who go through the test of time. Michele Williams is brilliant in her role and has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actress category.

Valentine’s Day can seem very blue for single people. It is extremely hard when you think you found someone to love, but then you become disappointed. Once you open up your heart you are subjected to being hurt. Later you realize that love never fails, people do. It is a painful day for those who have loved and lost. The heartbreak of being tossed around like a salad, thrown in the trash and replaced perhaps by someone who has the IQ of 50, can leave anyone speechless. Single women certainly know how it feels to be dumped, especially before Valentine’s Day. Don’t take it personally. Usually it’s because they don’t want to break the bank account.

You can always rent my favorite movie “Legally Blonde” eat Godiva chocolates and throw the $30 box at the TV when he dumps Elle during that infamous scene when they are having dinner in the restaurant.

As Valentine’s Day nears, most lovebirds want to celebrate love with a dream wedding. Soon thereafter, once the question has been popped and someone has said “Yes,” the happy couple will find themselves ensconced in the myriad details of planning a joyous occasion. One of the best ways to make sure your wedding is a magical experience is to attend a bridal show. We bumped into Doria Pagnotta of “Jerseylicious,” who does hair and makeup at the Gatsby. Doria is one of the sweetest and personable people I’ve ever met. Unlike her character in the reality show, she is a genuine, kind-hearted soul. Doria told us she will be on the third season of the show portraying the back-stabbing, conniving diva. Sometimes, Doria’s fondness for melodrama will give you the riveting, dazzling, emotional episode you don”˜t want to miss.

In Hollywood, or should I say JoBroLand, the latest trend is now called the commitment ring instead of the engagement ring. According to published reports, Joe Jonas, 21, has given actress Ashley Greene, 23, a gorgeous diamond platinum ring from Tiffany’s. The two, who have been dating since last year, seem to be an inseparable item.

Rose’s Scoop: One of the most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day is in Italy. MTV seems to think so too. I hope Italy is ready for “Jersey Shore.” The popular MTV show “Jersey Shore” announced a few days ago that they will film the fourth season back in the motherland.