WEST HOLLYWOOD— On Wednesday morning, July 29th, a driver crashed into an apartment building in West Hollywood.

The crash occurred on Wednesday morning at approximately 3:20 AM after the driver crashed into an apartment building on the intersections of North Laurel and West Norton avenues. The driver is thought to have lost control of the vehicle.

Immediately after the accident, the driver abruptly fled the scene leaving police to find an empty car and no suspect. The driver caused reasonable damages to the apartment building and is actively being sought by law enforcement. Eventually the vehicle was removed from the scene by a tow truck at approximately 6 AM.

The front half of the vehicle was left with the backside protruding out and the front half was left suspended in the air. One person was left with superficial injuries, according to Sg. Mora, as seen in a press briefing.  

If you have any information regarding the incident or any tips, please contact the Los Angeles Sheriff Police Department Hollywood: (310) 855-8850.