UNITED STATES—May is MILITARY APPRECIATION month and I’m sorry I didn’t mention it until now, but there’s a reason I waited and of course it has to do with my inherent anger and rage.

Just as there are good and bad politicians, preachers, and parents, the same can be said of soldiers. Take my word for it: it’s awfully disheartening to live silent while watching a despicably horrible human being hide under the shiny respectable coat of a SOLDIER.

I have said it before and I will say it again: EVERY CATEGORICAL GROUP OF HUMANS HAS BEEN CORRUPTED by a bad egg, if only one. Any “label” you put on humans as a group – there will be a corrupted member that history has taken note of.

So before I go any further I need to state that I refuse to take part in labeling all Vets BAD because of the bad actions of SOME, just as I refuse to let you label them all GOOD because of the heroic and selfless acts of SOME.

As with everything else that needs to be changed, the numbers concerning criminality and the US military are argued over and debated until the original point gets lost in the process. I attempted to find accurate citable numbers, but found out there was a big difference in what the other countries are reporting, compared to what American records report. We just have stories.

Stories of German women raped by American soldiers in World War II and how President Dwight Eisenhower was gravely “concerned” about it, later reconciled as merely the actions of “baby-faced” soldiers that were turning into men.

Union records from the Civil War (because Confederate records were destroyed) show 450 rape accusations, at a time when women BELONGED to men, and as The Atlantic says: “societal pressures and the value placed on chastity made it difficult for women to come forward.”

World War I is full of rape accusations from all the places American soldiers occupied. World War II crimes are purported to be full of MASS gunpoint gang rapes and 1000’s of other rapes by American soldiers.

As with the evolution of torture tactics, things got worse. Stories that involve a cruel belief in Vietnam that women could be raped, beaten, and killed at will were not as diligently investigated as well as other crimes that seem to anger our nation more than the rape of women, like desecration of corpses for personal enjoyment, or the rare GI on GI male rape.

There’s even a change.org petition asking for an apology.

If the progression of rape during wartime increased as it seemingly did between the Civil War and Vietnam, is anybody REALLY surprised that soldiers are now coming back SO MESSED UP?

Imagine the atrocities our GOOD SOLDIERS endure, in situations where they are outnumbered by the bad who are wearing awe-inspiring uniforms. Especially in countries where women have no rights to begin with and honor killings are mandatory while God’s word condones rape, murder, and pillaging all in the name of war. I’ve something better for you…

Imagine that these criminal soldiers who went CRAZY RAPING anything and anyone they wanted over in Vietnam came home and went “back to normal.”

And it would be illogical to think tit didn’t have a direct consequence on our American females, with soldiers making up 24 percent of inmate population in the 25 years Vietnam, but dropped to 8% as of 2012.

I have NO DOUBT it’s because traumatized soldiers can now feel comfortable and less stigmatized asking for PTSD-related counseling. I’m sure the fact that the law is evolving to hold criminals responsible for their sex crimes is working as a deterrent too.

Click here to read more alarming trends and statistic, with findings such as the fact that an estimated half of male recruits join the military to ESCAPE abusive families.

And then thank God that Uncle Sam has smartened up to the point that the Department of Veterans Affairs has proposed that soldiers charged with certain sex crimes be BARRED from being buried in the veteran section.

Yeah, it’s that bad.

Perhaps the thought of losing that glory will make criminals think twice.

One thing IS FOR SURE: for the victim of one of these VETERANS WITHOUT VALOR, life must be difficult. Tiptoeing around a truth never told and ridden with heinous secrets about a SOLDIER in a world where each and every soldier is a hero treated as an American treasure regardless of how they conduct themselves?

This has surely ruined millions of lives, and it shows us exactly why our culture has turned from “respect your elders” to “respect the worthy.”

Elders are no longer necessarily “worthy.” Not even in uniform.