HOLLYWOOD—Well it has been an unforgettable May sweeps for the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Not only was the bombshell involving Sasha’s true paternity revealed, but Nicole just gave birth to Rick and Maya’s baby this past week.

I mean I thought the Avant family was a goner after Julius’ long dirty secret, but it looks like the love triangle between Nicole, Sasha and Zende is only about to become more complicated. Why? Well, a little birdie predicted that Sasha might become preggers as a way to hold onto Zende, and it sure looks like that ‘truth’ has come to light.

Nicole sacrificed her relationship with Zende to carry her sister’s child, now that the bun is out of the oven, the sparks have reignited between those two, but Sasha is determined to put a halt to those things. Wait, weren’t these two just crying and sisterly bonding after that bombshell was revealed a few weeks ago? That is indeed a quick 360 people, because friends become enemies, enemies become friends, and back to enemies in a matter of days.

Zende was stunned by the news of Sasha’s pregnancy; I mean he was confessing his heart to Nicole and planning to break things off with Sasha when the bombshell dropped on his lap. While he questions how his one-time hook-up got her pregnant, we all know it only takes one time for that to happen. He suspects Sasha may be lying, just as her sisters Nicole and Maya expect the same.

However, they are not afraid to call their sister’s bluff by having her take a pregnancy test right in the hospital. It’s apparent that Zende’s affections will always belong to Nicole, but it looks like if a baby is indeed in the midst, Zende will have to make some tough choices. If Sasha is indeed faking it which I suspect, I’m dying to figure out how she plans to pull the wool over this time around? Covering a pregnancy is hard just ask Sharon from “The Young and the Restless?”

No offense, but Maya needs to be focusing her attention on her newborn, as does Rick Forrester. Speaking of Rick, he seems destined to bring down his big brother Ridge. Helping his case is Katie who is festering feelings about the Douglas paternity secret; while out in the open, hasn’t fully been exposed. I fear Rick’s quest for revenge will cause fractures in his marriage to Maya, especially if his focus isn’t on his newborn.

That brings our attention to Katie, whose behavior is so erratic I’m starting to question who this woman is. Brooke is well aware her sister isn’t in her right frame of mind, so is her husband Bill who is starting to question just who his wife is. That is causing Katie to feel shunned and a shunned Katie is a dangerous one because she blurts out all types of things. I’m still trying to figure out just why Katie feels so determined to expose this secret that Ridge has been keeping. I mean she’s a functioning alcoholic; there are plenty other things that should be a focus for her.

The other story that seems to be never-ending is the Liam, Steffy, Wyatt and now Quinn quadtriangle. Yes, this woman has become infatuated with Liam, and it appears Wyatt is now begging his brother to halt his mother being sent to prison. Hmm, Liam is not a vengeful person, but considering he has lost EVERYTHING because of this woman, a bit of justice is well overdue if you ask me.

Also I don’t see Bill Spencer allowing Quinn to get away with her latest stunt. The woman has done some crazed things in the past, and at some point you have to face the music. Liam has shouted yet once again how he lost EVERYTHING (which he has) because of this woman, as Wyatt is starting to realize he could lose his mother forever, and needs his brother to consider that.

I think Liam is looking to punish Wyatt for stepping in on his girl when he was missing in action. It would be nice to see a dark side/vengeful spirit of Liam to take over. The guy has been so goody, his character needs a welcome change. “The Bold and the Beautiful” looks to planning a possible murder mystery if you ask me involving Quinn because I don’t see Bill letting her get away with this latest stunt until she faces the music. Oh, that would be the greatest twist soap lovers!