HOLLYWOOD—And for me to think Victoria Newman was an idiot for getting back with Ashland Locke on “The Young and the Restless,” she just proved me wrong people. I believed with absolute certainty that Victoria had been completely snowed by her hubby who faked his cancer, stole money from her father and had Victoria an emotional mess. Well, Victoria Newman may be just as vicious in exacting her revenge like her father. Why is that?

Victoria’s certain exit from Newman Enterprises and journeying off to New York and the start of their new media mogul, Destiny Media. What? Victoria going into business with her duplicitous lover and becoming a rival to her father’s company? Oh if this does not make Victor’s blood boil. However, wait for it America because all of this might be a ruse to get revenge.

A plan is being implemented to get back at Ashland and it starts with her hubby putting up the $250 million he has left into a bank account for the new company. Would Ashland see the red flags? He should if $250 million takes all that he has left considering he donated $250 million to Nicholas Newman people in honor of Rey Rosales. I think I’m more intrigued to find out how Ashland will react to being duped after he duped so many power players in Genoa City.

Adam and Sally are enjoying their time as CEO and COO of Newman Enterprises, but that glow might be over sooner than later and I wonder how Adam will react to realizing he was just a pawn in his father’s plans yet again. He has left the company so many times and worked overtime to bring down his father, his siblings and the company in the past there is no telling what Adam might do this time around.

A rivalry that never died is being reignited once again and in a major way. How so? Diane Abbott was the town pariah, but it appears people are warming up to her again. Jack Abbott, Kyle, Summer, Michael and a host of others. Kyle is in the trickiest spot because hello, Diane is his mother. Same applies for Summer who now has Diane as the mother-in-law from hell. Michael believes in reform as he was once the town pariah people so he knows change is possible.

However, Phyllis played right into Diane’s hands as her temper got the best of her and Jack wanted none of it. He put their relationship on ice as a result and it left Phyllis seething, but Diane smiling. Phyllis left town, but did she really as she disguised herself and had been watching Diane’s every move people. Why? Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer America.

Nate and Elena are not clicking people. Nate seems to think he is Devon, but he’s nowhere close to being that business mogul America I’m sorry. With that said, friction is developing between the two just as Elena is headed out of town on a medical conference that Nate just could ‘not’ go to which prompted Imani eavesdropped on a conversation not expected for her. This woman wants Nate and has wanted him for quite some time. With this said, I expect Nate at some point to cheat on Elena with Imani and it will cause some major friction with Devon, Amanda and Elena moving forward, so much to the point it might blow that business venture that was just implemented into pieces.

The writers really need to figure out what they want to do with Billy Abbott because it feels like the character has nothing to do and he’s not being properly utilized in my opinion. The same with Chelsea and Chloe people. Mariah and Tessa will battle a health scare that will impact Tessa’s singing career. There are so many characters there is something for the writers to give them all America. I just hate seeing characters placed on the backburner “The Young and the Restless.” C’mon writers get it together!