HOLLYWOOD—Well she is back America! Sami Brady made her return to “Days of Our Lives,” but on crutches and she arrived in Salem realizing her latest lover Lucas has been acting weird and learning about the death of Abigail. Lucas has been spiraling as the big hot button issue of the hour is the Salem PD suspect that Abigail’s murder was a robbery gone wrong. The audience knows Leo stole a bevy of jewelry that Clyde soon learned about and was willing to help Leo out of a bind.

Yes, America Clyde was on my radar when I thought about the list of suspects who could take out Abigail. My only issue is where is the motive? Could Clyde suspect EJ told Abigail about him being the one who ‘killed’ EJ all those years ago? Hunch is strong, but incorrect because Belle has that information people. Speaking of EJ and Belle they shared a steamy kiss just as Sami arrived to catch her little sis and her ex in a compromising position.

Sami might not be with EJ anymore, but that does NOT mean she wants her sister with him either. Sami wanted EJ to sign the divorce papers so she could remarry Lucas AGAIN. Oh, I already know how this is going to turn out. Lucas is about to be exposed on his big day and it is going to be a glorious moment to watch America. Talk about people paying for their sins, Lani blurted out she was the person who killed TR and was charged at the Salem PD. This is just driving me crazy. TR was about to strike Paulina, he bashed Abe with a bat, hello it was self-defense people.

Everyone was ready to keep the secret, but Lani would not allow it. To be honest this is terrible writing in my opinion and I know why. That’s because Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey are NOT renewing their contracts with “DOOL.” So this is there exit story and I expected more people, a lot more. So Paulina and Abe are married and I wonder what story the writers will craft for the characters now that their children are out of the picture people.

Let’s talk about Leo again as it is apparent he is rattled by Abigail’s murder and will soon find himself in a tough spot because of that jewelry people. He had a run in with Brady and Chloe where he offered veil threats. Either he is going to target them or not people. Gwen is also facing the music as Ava knows she busted out of prison the night Abigail died and Ava has turned on her pal once; she will gladly do it again if she realizes her ticket of freedom could be at risk. She got a save a few weeks ago, there is nothing that will save her this time around if she is an accessory to murder people.

At long last, it seems Ben and Ciara’s time in Salem is coming to an end, just as Jan and Shawn welcomed their baby boy and named him Shawn Christian. Interesting people, quite interesting as the audience learned this week that Shawn ain’t the father of Jan’s baby its Orpheus’ son! Yeah, did not see that one coming people, and considering that EJ and Belle take their relationship to the next level and Shawn and Jan share a kiss that is witnessed; things are about to get damn messy America.

Chanel has no idea rather she wants to be with Johnny or Allie, and Chad is an utter mess as he tries to piece his life back together after coming to grips that Abigail is indeed dead. I’m really eager to see this mystery play out, just as Sarah Horton becomes more of a suspect as a result of her violent hallucinations with Chanel being the latest target. However, Sarah as Abigail’s murderer would be such a disappointment in my opinion so the writer’s since they have created this murder mystery better ensure the reveal sends shockwaves thru Salem and to the viewers at home. However, wait for it, this could be just the beginning of a murder spree and wouldn’t that be fun ala the Salem Stalker people.

We had the Salem Stalker tale which was one of the best written storylines in my opinion in daytime soap history. Could you imagine it all over again with big players being taken out, but not returning in that dismal twist from all those years back? It could be worth considering.