HOLLYWOOD—Whew, we have not talked about the ramblings on “The Young and the Restless” it quite some time so it seems fitting to talk about them now. I mean the biggest catalyst was the return of Victor Newman whose antics may have saved the life of his wife, Nikki Newman. Nikki’s situation looked quite dire, but she is recovering. The biggest problem is that Nikki dropped a big bomb on Victor: she knows who killed J.T. Many of you might be asking why it’s vital?

Victor has been arrested for J.T.’s murder, even though the authorities do not have a body. For those in the legal arena, we know it’s very difficult to prosecute a murder case without a body. So with Victor having that Intel we know for a fact that he’ll have his people start to dig for information to clear his name. Victor’s arrest is the talk of the town. Victor’s nemesis Jack has gloated about the news, but even Jack suspect’s that Victor may be innocent, as does Abby who is headstrong to prove her father’s innocence to Rey. Victor’s arrest has led to Victoria’s claws coming out in a major way.

The friction and tension between the fearsome four has been slowly shattering for weeks. Sharon and Phyllis are not pals, and it now seems that Victoria and Phyllis are traveling down that same route. I mean you have Phyllis and Nikki on one side and Victoria and Sharon on the other side. Mariah and Tessa know the truth, but they have kept their mouths shut for now. Victoria suspected her father was being set-up, to which point Phyllis was ecstatic after the chaos Victor put her through a few years ago.

As she sees it, its retribution for his actions and I have to admit she has a point people. The ladies traded spars, which led to Vikki delivering a slap to Phyllis’ face. I love a good catfight people. With February right around the corner, I think the audience is getting much closer to learning once and for all if J.T. is actually alive. We know Victoria was being taunted, then Nikki, it seems only fitting that whoever tortured those ladies soon turn their attention to Sharon and Phyllis.  We shall see how that plays out, but the sooner, the better.

However, we have to talk about Victoria Newman’s love life because to call it a whirlwind is an understatement. How so? She might be rekindling her romance with Billy; the two shared a kiss and have spent plenty of time together. If I’m being honest, I always thought those two should have been together. They just click and work so well together America. Especially, after that dreadful pairing he had with Phyllis and then Summer.

Billy seems certain with his emotions right now; he wants Victoria, but does she want him? Yes, I pose that question because Victoria shared a kiss with Cane! Yes, she shared a kiss with Cane of all people and those two hate each other. The kiss was eating Cane alive because he is married to Lili and she is currently behind bars. He confessed his discretion to Jill, who informed her son to NEVER speak a word of it. I mean Cane kept secrets in the past and it torpedoed his marriage as a result, and cost Brass & Sassy to go under.

I would be lying if I argued I didn’t want to see where this romance could head because Cane is already a mess, Billy would be furious that another brother of his yet again, has stolen a woman he cares about. The sibling rivalry between Cane and Billy could reach an all-time high and I’m all for it. We know the moustache will not be behind bars for long, which makes me wonder who will drop the bomb about J.T.’s demise and what Victor does with that information. Of course he’ll protect his wife and daughter, but the bigger question to ask is who he will pin the murder on?