HOLLYWOOD—I never expected to see “General Hospital” take out two, yes, TWO villains in the same week and what I found to be one of the best weeks on “GH” in a long time people. I mean Peter August and Cyrus Renault finally received their comeuppance and it was a ton of fun to watch. For nearly 2 weeks, audiences were teased to Peter August taking a major tumble down the stairs at the hospital, resulting in a bloody mess. Well, we got the answer to who was responsible for Peter’s tumble: Finn!

Yes, it was Finn of all people who halted Peter and his actions, but not before his plan to kidnap Maxie and his baby reached a feverish pitch. Maxie went into labor earlier than expected after being kidnapped by Chloe Jennings who planned to induce Maxie’s labor at Peter’s command. However, Maxie fought back with a poker and managed to escape into the woods, where she met Dr. Austin.

Yes, Roger Howarth is back at the soap, but in the role of a new character, whose past we know nothing about at the moment people. He saved Maxie from a crazy situation, where he ended up knocked out cold, just as Chloe tumbled through a well I think. Let’s just put it like this Chloe Jennings is no more people. Brook Lynn came to Maxie’s aide as a cover story about baby Louise was formulated. Chloe stole the baby. Hmm, it could work, but as a detective I would immediately poke holes in that theory, as did Dante.

However, that was nothing compared to the verbal beating and manipulation Maxie delivered to Peter. The acting by Kristen Storms was absolutely terrific and Wes Ramsey also delivered. I could see potential Emmy nominations in the future people. Maxie got Peter wound up in his own trap before getting a taped confession and getting it over to the authorities.

Desperate, Peter went on the run, but was confronted by Finn, who wanted that antidote for Chase whose condition was worsening. Peter tossed the vial off the roof, but not before a scuffled turned into a tumble and Peter is either dead or being held captive. The audience has no idea as to what happened to Peter’s body because we didn’t see it, but I’m sure in the coming days or week or so, the audience will get confirmation on rather Peter is really dead and if so what Liz and Finn did with his body.

So while that secret is being kept, Gladys confessing the truth has allowed Jason to be freed from jail and Britt to return to Port Charles. Spoiler alert: Jason and Britt made love and that changes everything people. These two are the new power couple and I am liking what I am seeing America; they just have great chemistry to say the least. However, with Britt’s Huntington’s diagnosis that impacts things. How long will she be able to battle the debilitating effects? Time will tell. Carly was over the roof that her bestie was out of jail and can now handle the mob end of things without her having to be the power player.

Carly was smitten because not only did she see Peter take a fall, but her biggest foe Cyrus Renault. Cyrus after being shot by Jason sought shelter at the home of Dr. Portia Robinson. Portia was forced to patch up Cyrus, who also took Trina hostage. Ugh, I was screaming at the TV for Portia to cut out the smart-mouth because you’re dealing with a guy who is a hothead. Cyrus made threats, Curtis came to their aid, but it was Laura who sacrificed herself to try to speak some sense into her brother. It was working, but that was until Curtis tried to play hero and found himself shot. Jordan pleaded for Portia to save her ex-husband, who Portia just recently kissed.

It feels like Curtis and Portia are indeed finally over, just as Stella arrived back in town to be by her nephew’s side in his time of need. Willow and Michael couldn’t resist being with each other, which led to lovemaking, but someone was watching them from outside the window. We got that reveal that it was Jax who used that hookup as leverage to get Michael to allow Wiley back in Nina’s life. Michael was livid and lashed out, but at the same time what can he do. This definitely created friction between Carly and Jax who couldn’t believe what her ex was doing to her son.

Well Michael and Willow, just come out and tell Chase the truth because it is going to be much worse when he learns that you both have been hoodwinking him for weeks. That prompted Nina to return to Port Charles after learning from Michael he was open to her seeing Wiley. Before leaving Nixon Falls, Mike and Nina shared another intense kiss, and I truly don’t know where things are going with this relationship. The writers cannot drag the Sonny is just alive, but no one knows, but Nina for so long people.

Now how long is Nina going to keep this secret people? Speaking of secrets Brook Lynn was doing a good job of passing baby Louise as Bailey Quartermaine. Valentin was smitten by his new bundle of joy, whereas the guilt was eating Brook Lynn away. Yeah, when this bomb is dropped this is going to unleash a rage in Valentin that I cannot imagine what he will do as revenge, but it will be fun to see the reformed villain return back to his dark side.