HOLLYWOOD—Where do I begin when it comes to addressing the drama that has unfolded on “Days of Our Lives?” I guess I have to begin with the return of a character that fans have awaited for years. I’m referring to the nefarious EJ DiMera. Yes, EJ FINALLY made his return to Salem this week, with a new face. Unfortunately, James Scott (the former portrayer) did not assume the role, the character is being portrayed by Dan Feuerriegel. Rather Feurriegel can capture that magic that Scott delivered to the character is yet to be determined.

With that said, EJ’s arrival threw Sami for a loop as did Lucas. Lucas really thought he had a second chance with Sami after they slept together twice. Not sure why he would have thought that. Sami makes boneheaded mistakes and this is a major one that will have repercussions when the truth comes out, which it indeed will people. EJ is not back in town to just repair his marriage, he’s in town to reclaim his rightful role as heir and in the power position to run DiMera Enterprises and Tony will be his ally thru this battle that is likely to get ugly between Chad, Jake, Tony and EJ. All of Stefano’s wicked kids people.

This is good that EJ is back now that Kristen has ushered herself out of Salem, the soap needs a good villain and we don’t have many of them right now with Jan Spears knocked off her rocker also. That’s right, Jan’s plan to kill Claire and Chloe blew up in her face courtesy of Ben and Philip. Ben came to Claire’s rescue as she was about to be ignited into flames. I’m telling you the writers are building a Claire and Ben pairing, and right when things are going well, watch Ciara swoop back in an remember that she is in love with Ben complicating things more.

Ben is the hero that damsels in distress need, but don’t need. Philip is truly smitten by Chloe suddenly. I find this to be odd, but jealously is the catalyst people! Philip knows that Brady has feelings for Chloe and Chloe has feelings for Brady. He’s attempting to prevent the cross-haired lovers from reuniting yet again people. I’m not feeling the Philip and Chloe pairing, she is better suited for Brady, but with Philip saving her life, Chloe might feel indebted to him.

Jan Spears is back in a coma AGAIN. Ok, Jan can be a fun villain at times with her delusional ways, but I think it is time to off the character. I mean do we want to see her go after Shawn yet again? No people. Jake is being manipulated by Kate who is using her ‘blindness’ to her advantage to get back at him and Gabi for hooking up. Kate’s fate is in the hands of Dr. Snyder people. Snyder is still blackmailing Gwen, but there is a major problem: Xander knows that Gwen is acting like a drug carrier for the doctor and uses that information as leverage. He has a lot people considering he slept with Nicole who is worried sick about Eric learning she cheated on him.

That has caught the attention of Sami who went toe-to-toe with Ava about such secrets. I’m sorry the Ava and Rafe pairing I’m just not buying. If anything I would have rather witnessed Nicole cheat on Eric with Rafe; they just have better chemistry amongst one another people. Tripp could be a hiccup in Snyder’s dirty dealings as he witnessed tension between Gwen and Snyder and alerted Kayla about what he saw people. There is a murder mystery on the horizon people I wonder who will die this time around?

Paulina Price is back in Salem and up to shady dealing people. She has plans for the town square that she has yet to disclose to Abe. Oh, Paulina you’re going to create many waves with your shady business dealing. This will not bode well with your niece Lani. Speaking of Lani, she got an earful from Eli about Chanel walking in on him in the buff. I cannot help, but shake that the writers are pushing a possible hookup with Eli and Chanel in the very near future people.

The thing viewers should anticipate that chaos that comes with EJ DiMera back to the mix because it’s going to shake Salem to the core people. Keep watching “Days of Our Lives” Fans I’m sure things will be exciting.