BEVERLY HILLSAren’t we the cutest puppies ever?   We were born on January 9, so we’re not ready to leave our mother, yet.  Our mom and dad were brought into the Friends of Animals Foundation by someone that wasn’t able to take care of them.  No one was told, at the time, that our mom was going to have babies, so, what a surprise for everyone!  That’s probably why she was given up.  But, thank goodness she was, because who knows what would have happened to us. 

Our mom is the most beautiful Gordon Setter/Aussie mix, and the best mom ever!  Her name is Annie. Our dad is a Whippet named Romeo (hmmmmm!), and he is very handsome, indeed!

Please remember that we’re puppies.  Each of us want to be part of a family for our whole life.  So, please be sure that you realize that a puppy needs a lot of attention and training.  We have to be taught right from wrong, and don’t forget, we have to be house trained, too.  All of the training should be done with kindness.  No yelling or hitting, ever!  When we do something right, by telling us how good we are, and giving us a pet or a hug – or maybe a little treat – will make us want to do the right thing all of the time.

I’ve heard that there are three commands that are really important to teach us, as they could save our life.  They are: sit, stay and come.  We’re very smart, so I’m sure that we will be fast learners.

Don’t forget, we may be little now, but we won’t always be this small.  Our mom and dad are big ones!  So, please keep that in mind before you decide to adopt one of us.

Even though we’re not ready to be adopted just yet, you can call to make an appointment to come in to see us, hold us, and see which one of us you would like to make a part of your family.  I bet you’ll have a hard time making up your mind!

In case you want a dog that is not a baby, or if you would like a beautiful kitty cat, you can check out foafla.petfinder. com, where you will also see pictures of our mom and dad, as they need new homes, too!