BEVERLY HILLS—My name is “Bianca”, and would you believe that I was abandoned?  Well, I was!  So, now I’m looking for that certain person that I can live with and be loved by, forever and ever!
I’m a poodle – or maybe a poodle mix – I’m not really sure.  But, I do know that everyone says that I’m a cute little girl with a sparkling personality!
I’m only about a year old and get along with other dogs, and love to take walks and play and snuggle in your arms!  Wouldn’t it be great to start the New Year with me in your life?  I think that it definitely would!  So, I hope that you will call to see me. 
NOTE: No one likes to talk about unpleasant situations in respect to animals, but just in case one arises, please keep these phone numbers handy.  If you know of an animal that is being abused or neglected you can call the Animal Abuse Task Force at (213)486-0450.
Also, if you have any information about a dog fighting ring, an up-coming dog fight, or someone that is involved in dog fighting, you can call (877)NO2FITE. I understand that those that report information that lead to an arrest or conviction will be rewarded up to $5000. If you know of a dog fight in progress, call 911 instead of the tip line.
I hope that you will never have to use those numbers, but keep them with all of your emergency numbers, just in case.
Now, won’t you please call to see cute, little Bianca – or any of our other wonderful dogs and cats?  You can see them all on our website at:, and wouldn’t it be great to start the New Year with a new love in your life!
If you can’t adopt, maybe you’d like to volunteer to walk the dogs or help out in the cattery. The dogs and cats would love to meet you!  All that you have to do is call for an appointment.