BEVERLY HILLS—My name is Comet, and everyone says that I’m a cute combination of a Chihuahua and a Dachshund!  What do you think?
I’m a little boy, only about 8 months old, so I’m still in the learning stage.  I have to learn certain things, like not to guard my belongings.  I only do it once in a while, but I”m smart enough to know that I shouldn’t do it at all.  So, with a few reminders, I’m sure that I’ll get the hang of it.
I’m housebroken, but I’ll have to learn your schedule.  Or, maybe, you could learn mine!  Okay, I’ll learn yours, if you insist!
As you can see, I’m very low maintenance.  Very little brushing needed, and I never need a haircut! 
I get along with children, but I think older children would be better than young ones, as they make me a little too excited. 
Seeing that I have the Dachshund body, I have to be picked up very carefully.  Also, it’s best not to let me jump on and off of things, or walk up and down stairs, so that my spine will stay strong.  Another thing, no matter how much I beg for treats, don’t go overboard, as any extra weight will put a strain on my spine, and we don’t want to ask for any trouble.
 It’s been said that I’m very sweet and adorable, and that I need a lot of loving.  I know that I need a lot of loving, but I’ll leave the sweet and adorable part up to you to decide.
Why don’t you call for an appointment to see me, and we can  take a walk together, if you like.  I love to take walks.  Then we can snuggle for a little while, too.  Who knows, we may fall in love!
In case you’re looking for an older dog, or one to jog with, or a kitty cat, you can see all kinds and sizes on our website at  I’m quite sure that you will see one that will fit your lifestyle.