BEVERLY HILLS—My name is “Noah,” and I may be a mix of a Poodle and awell, I really don’t know! I have very silky hair, I weigh about 13 pounds, and I’m 2 1/2 years old. Those are my vitals! It’s the same old story about being given up because of moving to a place where they couldn’t have pets. That’s something that so many of us will never ever understand when we know that there are so many places around that would be glad to have us.

Like my friend, Teddy, who you met here last week, I, too, was attacked by a dog. My jaw was hurt pretty bad, and it had to be wired and will have to stay that way for a couple of months. However, I can eat soft food just fine, and you would never know that I had any problem at all. I’m just as active as all of the other dogs, and love to go for long walks. Then I’d love some cuddling time!

I get along just fine with other dogs and with children, and I don’t have any bad habits. I’m even housebroken, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Other than having to be extra careful of my face and jaw until the wires come out, I’m ready to go to a new home, where I want to stay forever this time! So, I sure hope that you will call to see me!

A few quotes to enjoy:

“A well trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He will just make you feel so guilty that you cannot enjoy it.” – Helen Thomson

“Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends.” – Alexander Pope

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” – George Elliot

“Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs you wanted to.” – Joe Gores

I hope that you will pick up the phone to make an appointment to see Noah! We have so many dogs and cats that need homes. You can see them all on our website: