I’m known as “Noodles the Poodle” around these parts!  Outside of that, not much is known about me, as I was found wandering around the streets with no tag or chip. They say that I’m a young one – a little girl, in case you’re wondering.
I’d make a great addition to any family, if I must say so myself!  I’m very friendly, and get along with everyone.  I’m not at all aggressive, and I’ll be glad to share any and all of my possessions. I love going for walks, playing with my toys, and getting and giving love.  I’m only about fourteen pounds, so I’ll fit on your lap just fine.
Poodles are known for their “smartness”, so that shows you that I’ll learn your routine so fast that you’ll feel that I’ve been part of your life forever.
If you’re planning a vacation soon, I’ll be easy to take along. Just be sure that you take copies of my vet records, in case you should need them.  And, it’s a good idea to find the location of  a couple of veterinarians along the way and also at your destination, in case of an emergency.
Always keep me in the back seat, as that is the safest place for me to be.  A booster seat that is attached by the seat belts is the perfect way to keep me safe, and I can enjoy all of the scenery – when I’m not sleeping.
When you come to a rest stop and get out to stretch your legs, and, well, do ‘other’ things –  don’t forget that I would like to stretch my legs, and do ‘other’ things, too! 
Be sure to take my water and food and some of my favorite toys.  Always keep my collar and tags on, and have me micro-chipped as added protection. An extra tag on my collar with the phone number of someone back home, and a tag that can be changed with the phone number of your vacation location will make me super protected.
And, of course, you know to never, ever leave me alone in the car.
OK, we’re ready to go!  Now, all that you need is me!!  So, won’t you please call to see me?
Just in case you happen to be looking for another type of dog or a kitty cat, you can see all the many friends that I have here if you go to: foafla.petfinder.com.