BEVERLY HILLS—My name is “Dixie”, and I’m the white and tan Chihuahua on the left. Seeing that I’m looking at you, and the others seem to be distracted by something or other, I’ll do the talking for all of us.  My brother “Timmy” is the black and tan one, the white one next to him is our brother “Paco”, and the tan one on the right is our sister “Taffy”.  So, we’re two girls and two boys.
We don’t have much of a story to tell, as we only came into this world about six weeks ago. When our mother was brought into the Friends of Animals Foundation she was already “with child” – or, should I say, “with children”!  Everyone was waiting for the day – or night – that we would make our appearance, and whenever anyone would come in they would ask, “are they here yet?”.
Our mommy has been taking such very good care of us from the very beginning. Her name is “Polly”, and she is a Chihuahua mix about 14 pounds.  You will probably be meeting her right here next week. We don’t know who our father is, but our best guess is that he’s a Chihuahua mix, too.
We won’t be able to be adopted for a few more weeks, but you can certainly make an appointment to come in to meet us and put a “hold” on the one – or ones – that you would like to make a part of your family.
Before you do that, be sure you know that you need a lot of patience with a puppy.  We need a lot of training right from the start.  We have to be taught right from wrong, as we have no idea which is which.  And, don’t forget, we have to be housetrained, too.  That doesn’t mean rubbing our nose in the mess, or yelling at us, but taking us out often and telling us how good we are when we do our “business”.  If you teach us with kindness, we’ll be so very eager to please you and never be afraid of you, and love you forever and ever.
If you haven’t had a puppy before, it’s a good idea to get a good book or check the internet to read up on what to expect from us, and to see if that’s what you really want.  If you decide that one of us would be a little too much for you, I have plenty of friends here that are well past the puppy stage and would love to be part of a family.  There are lots of loving and beautiful kitty cats, too!  All that you have to do is check out the FOAF website at:, and you can see every one of them. Then all that you have to do is call to make an appointment.  It’s that easy!
FRIENDS OF ANIMALS: 310-479-5089