HOLLYWOOD—This week’s Leading Men Gold Standard goes to three tremendously talented actors who portray billionaires on two CBS soaps. Their performances have surpassed their previous work, and these three thespians test the limits of their skills on a daily basis. Stephen Nichols, who portrays Tucker McCall on “The Young and the Restless,” has been patiently waiting for his storyline to heat up. The storyline and the actor have been burning hot all week. Eric Braeden, who portrays Victor Newman, also on “Y&R,” is making his bid for an ex-wife Diane, who is now also involved with his son Nicholas. Braeden’s performance is always top notch. Don Diamont, who portrays “Dollar Bill” Spencer on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” showed us that his character is not to be toyed with. Bill’s outrage will be showcased front and center by the end of the week.

Stephen Nichols is smoldering hot right now. When the handsome star joined “Y&R,” viewers knew that they were in for a treat. Tucker immediately went after his mother Kay Chancellor’s company, then after a hostile takeover he got involved with Jill, then Ashley. During a tornado that hit Genoa City last fall, Tucker cheated on Ashley with Diane Jenkins, only to hide it from Ashley. However, all of that was just preparation for viewers, who watched in glee this week as Tucker revealed to one-time loyal employee Sofia what he has in store for her betrayal of his trust. Nichols carried himself amazingly through each scene and by the end of the week viewers were shocked by Tucker’s demands of Sofia. It’s so exciting seeing one of the best actors on TV given such great material.

Eric Braeden’s powerful Emmy-winning work is legendary on “Y&R.” Whenever Victor sets his sights on something or someone, he usually gets it. This week the powerful mogul decided that he wants to be in a romantic relationship with his ex-wife and former nemesis Diane. Victor unbeknownst to viewers is aware of Diane’s dalliance with his son Nicholas. Perhaps it’s the fact that Victor hates to lose that has made him compete with his own son? Whatever it is, it’s great to see the charming and romantic side of an actor, who can play it all. Female viewers fell in love with the actor and character he plays all over again this week.

Don Diamont is one of the most genuine and solid actors in the industry. This week as Bill Spencer celebrated his best friend Justin’s marriage to Donna Logan, we got to see the softer side of Dollar Bill. However, the soft side will be short lived. By next week, Bill finds out that deceitful Amber Moore is accusing his son Liam of getting her pregnant. When Bill’s initial shock wears off, then he will go into defensive mode. Bill’s family means everything to him, and he most likely will believe his son when he says, he did not sleep with Amber. Don Diamont’s ability to showcase rage is unforgettable. When Bill confronts Amber, it will be unforgettable. No one crosses a Spencer and gets away with it. Bill Spencer’s not going to be fooled or scammed by a tramp from Death Valley. Diamont’s intensity is palpable, and this week he was a family man and friend. That’s about to change. It’s an exciting twist to have Amber go up against a man who is capable and willing to destroy her once and for all.
Photographs are Courtesy: Stephen Nichols by JPI Studios, Eric Braeden by Monty Brinton, CBS and Don Diamont by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Proudctions