BEVERLY HILLS—I think that I was named Rembrandt because some people have said that with my coloring and markings I look like a painting, which is quite a compliment, isn’t it?

Now we come to the question that I know you are asking, why am I here?  Well, you guessed it, another moving reason – or excuse, as I call it. I know, for a fact, that there are lots of places where I would be welcome. Enough said.

When I came to the Friends of Animals Foundation I wasn’t exactly sure why I was given up, and I was quite bewildered by the whole experience.  Now that I’ve been here a couple of weeks, I’ve settled in and made lots of friends. However, I’d sure like to be part of a family again.


I get along with other dogs and have lived with cats. I’m good with children, I’m not aggressive, and don’t guard any of my belongings. I have no separation anxiety, and only bark when you come home, because I’m so excited to see you. I’m housebroken, and was taught to use a certain spot in the yard. I’m really very smart, and am a fast learner. So, I’m sure that I will learn a new routine very fast when I’m adopted into a new home. I sure hope that I don’t have to wait very long, as I miss being part of a family.

Note:  For all of you iPhone savvy people, of which I have to admit I’m not one, did you know that there are apps for dog and cat people? Just Google “iPhone apps for dogs and cats” and it says that there are about 120,000 of them!  That should keep you busy for a while!

A few of them are “All Pets Radio Player” with pet news and information.  “Pet Phone” where you keep a picture and all important information about your pet right at your fingertips.  “Shake and Bark” is another one. Take a picture of your dog with your iPhone, record his bark, then enter your dog’s name. Then shake your phone and your phone will bark. What will they think of next?  Now I’ll leave it up to you to check out the other 117,000! Have fun!!

Now back to Rembrandt.  Please call to see him.  He is a great dog, and oh, so sweet!  If he isn’t the one for you, be sure to check our Web site at to see all of our wonderful dogs and cats waiting for loving homes.