HOLLYWOOD—Los Angeles based women’s chorus, Vox Femina of Los Angeles, completed their 2010 season with a concert that truly celebrated the glories, wonders and gifts of the natural world, giving a call to action in glorious voice to save “Mother Nature.”

“When I planned this concert, over a year ago, I knew it was an important theme for Vox, but I had no idea that we would be in the midst of an environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico at the time,” says Artistic Director, Dr. Iris Levine. “We must heed the calls of Mother Earth to protect and take care of her. We must rise, as women and men together, to secure our planet for generations to come. It is our responsibility and our duty. It is my sincere hope that our concert, ”˜Cool Blue: Songs for a Green Planet,’ will provide insight and promote our community to take action.” Nationally recognized for her excellence in choral conducting, Dr. Iris S. Levine is founder and artistic director of Vox Femina Los Angeles, L.A.’s premiere women’s chorus.

Joining Vox on this special evening was the remarkably talented recording artist and percussionist, Vicki Randle, best known as a “Tonight Show” musician. The evening included a special surprise when Vox Femina supporter, Ms. Kathryn Black, was called up on stage as a guest conductor, having won the honor during an earlier fund raiser this year entitled, “Iris in Wonderland.”
Vox Femina Los Angeles gives women everywhere a voice through the performance of quality choral literature. Diverse in culture, age, race, belief and sexual identity, they are a chorus committed to commissioning new works and raising awareness about issues that affect us as a family of women. Through music, the group aims to create a world that affirms the worth and dignity of every person.

To view Vox Femina’s recent concert visit voxfeminala.org/

The following Photographs are Courtesy: Maurine Dodge Photography

Vox Femina Los Angeles on stage at Zipper Hall

Dr Iris Levine, flanked by the Voxettes Margaret Wood, Tonya Bennett, Allie Fukushima and Frances Chee

Percussionist, Ms. Vicki Randle with Dr Iris Levine