HOLLYWOOD—The stakes were raised in epic fashion during last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” with Daryl invading the Whisperers camp to rescue Henry. In the process, not only was Henry rescued, but so was Lydia. War broke out during this week’s episode, ‘Chokepoint’ where Alpha and Beta went searching for what they believed belonged to them.

A big focus of the narrative in this week’s episode was on The Kingdom. Carol and Ezekiel learned that a new threat has risen and the notion of this fair continues to be a major catalyst this season. Tara, Magna, Kelly and the others were prepping for the worse, just as Daryl, Lydia, Connie and Henry sought higher ground. I said last week I wanted to know more about this Beta character, and based on what Lydia said, he’s a foe to be reckoned with. Daryl and Beta are going to battle people: the question is who will come out on top?

Friction was mounting at the Kingdom over rather to utilize violence or to utilize the power of conversation to solve a potential threat. Looks like that high-rise is a place that Connie and her crew visited in the past, based on the supplies they stashed away. Daryl had the right clue that Lydia staying will only lead to further death, but Connie was resistant to the notion of sending Lydia back. I guess I was wrong; the Whisperers are not the threat to the Kingdom, it’s another group, ‘The Highways’ who wanted food and water, but our heroes got the upper hand. Not a bad bargain; protect roads to the Kingdom and in return they have access to the Kingdom’s resources. However, the Kingdom’s newest threat wanted more, and that is when Carol proposed a movie! Jeez, you have to love this woman.

Lydia was torn about being placed in a situation where she would have to kill her own people, which forced Henry to consider the same. I mean we all know Henry is just inching to kill a few people. Lydia warned Henry that her mother is ruthless, just as Daryl eavesdropped on their conversation. Henry and Lydia shared a kiss, which further cements these two being difficult to separate as time progresses.

Another battle was brewing as walkers and potential whisperers dawned on Tara, Mika, Magna, Kelly and the rest of The Hilltop. OMG, that was a tense scene watching those walkers get too close to comfort to that crying baby, just as the new ‘Escorts’ to the fair came to Tara and her crew’s aide. The Whisperers dawned upon Daryl, Lydia, Connie and Henry’s location and our fearless hero was not afraid to attack.

The Whisperers did their best to ambush our heroes, but had little success with their antics. Lydia concerned about Henry’s condition broke out of the closet. Henry’s wound did not look good people, but at last Daryl and Beta came face-to-face to do battle. Beta surely put a beating on Daryl, who gave it all he had to outmaneuver his opponent. However, I’m not certain if Beta fell to his death or not. The viewer did not receive that confirmation immediately, even though it appeared obvious.

Things looked like they were going well at The Kingdom, that was until Carol, Ezekiel and Tara realized that Daryl and Henry had yet to arrive. Just as I expected, Beta was down, but he was not out. The final moments of the episode confirmed my suspicions and Beta does no look happy to say the least. Not many episodes remain for season nine and things are heating up. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!