HOLLYWOOD—So The Reapers had been teased on “The Walking Dead” by Maggie, but in this week’s episode, ‘Hunted’ we witnessed them in action and damn they are a deadly bunch to say the least America. These individuals are brutal, tactical and vicious in their tactics that took out several of our heroes. In addition, Maggie was on the verge of being captured, but managed to escape for the time being, before being tracked by a Reaper who she managed to get the advantage over.

Back at Alexandria, it was apparent the community was in dire straits. However, Carol, Kelly and Aaron were doing their best to keep morale high. Father Gabriel was injured by the Reapers, as one drudged escape with Gabriel not too far behind. Maggie was in serious danger as one of the Reapers attempted to take her out, but Negan of all people came to her rescue in the nick of time, as Alden found himself seriously injured. Rosita alerted Carol that she has been having dreams about Abraham attempting to warn her about something, but she was unable to fully pinpoint what it was.

I love this relationship between Magna and Kelly, the older is very protective of Connie’s sister, who we all know is still alive, but the group have yet to locate her. That is a powerful foursome people: Kelly, Rosita, Magna and Carol, who spotted a bevy of horses on their latest mission. Gabriel managed to take out a threat, as Negan did his best to present himself as a reformed man to Maggie who was NOT buying anything that he was selling.

Negan you murdered her husband in cold blood in front of her eyes, and her son is growing up without a father, do you really think she will forgive what you’ve done. Not a chance. In the midst of that stunning moment in my opinion, Carol, Magna, Kelly and Rosita decided to kill one of those horses that they managed to capture to supply food for the residents of Alexandria. Never a fan of eating horse, but survival is survival people.

Maggie, Alden and Negan continued their mission to hunt for food, even though injuries and danger was lurking at each corner. That was gruesome to see Maggie attempt to rescue a friend only to be pulled away from Negan as she was viciously dispatched by a walker in the process. Negan, Maggie and Alden sought shelter in a builder that was walker free. Negan spoke a bit of truth and it absolutely got underneath Maggie’s skin as she did all in her power to come to the realization that Alden was slowing their mission down. So he was given a knife as Negan and Maggie continued to search for food.

Next week we learn more about The Reapers and I am intrigued to see what other chaos these mysterious villains reveal especially considering Daryl was MIA this entire episode, but he’s back in a week. Until then “Walking Dead” die-hards!