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“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘No Other Way’

HOLLYWOOD—You always know when a TV series has been gone way too long. How so? You completely forget the series is about to return...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Hunted’

HOLLYWOOD—So The Reapers had been teased on “The Walking Dead” by Maggie, but in this week’s episode, ‘Hunted’ we witnessed them in action and...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Acheron Part 2”

HOLLYWOOD—The premiere episode of “The Walking Dead” last week was full of surprises and ended on an epic cliffhanger. How so Maggie was in...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Walk With Us’

HOLLYWOOD─I thought last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was a thrilling one to say the least, with the war between The Whisperers and...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Adaptation’

HOLLYWOOD—Whew, the last time we discussed “The Walking Dead” fans were stunned to realize that Jesus (Tom Payton) became the first victim of our...
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